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Beautiful Dentures in Surbiton

When the dreaded day comes when you lose a tooth or two, or even all of them, it could be the time to look into dentures. Now before you dismiss them completely because of ideas you may have of them, they do serve a very good purpose and help to retain the health of your mouth. They are also a cheaper option to say having dental implants fitted. Dentistry has moved on from the dark days; dentists want to try and save as many of your teeth as they can, so this has seen a massive rise in people opting for partial dentures to overcome the problem of tooth loss. They are incredibly good looking when they are in the mouth, wrap themselves firmly around the surrounding teeth and are easy to pop in and out whenever you need to do so- and again, very cheap. Full dentures are going through a bit of a renaissance too. This is all due to the fact that they are made from softer, more natural looking materials that cling in the mouth better and can adapt to any shrinkage in your gums. These fit even better when used in conjunction with mini implants and some of the vastly improved adhesives on the market today. Surbiton has the lot, but if you want to know where to go, or want more information, one company that serves the area is Mulberry dental care of Walton- they serve the area so give them a call.

Opting for Dental Veneers in Molesey

Mulberry dental care of Walton serve the Molesey area and can offer advice on all aspects of dentistry, so they are the perfect people to contact about the subject of dental veneers. If your teeth are looking a tad old and the cracks are starting to show when you smile, veneers are the way to go to hide away all of your problems. They come in various forms; the most popular are porcelain veneers. The enamel first needs to be shaved off the teeth to make way for them, but then they are simply bonded on and ‘set’ with heat; they are strong and durable, and can last you a good 15 years or so. Lumineers are similar, except they are even thinner, so they can be cemented straight onto the enamel of the teeth. They aren’t as strong as porcelain veneers and so they have a shorter life-span. The other option you could go for are composite resin veneers, better know as dental bonding. These are probably the less durable of the three, but it is cheaper and easier to do, and being made up from layers of resin, they can easily be repaired if they get damaged, unlike the other two that would have to be replaced. However, in all cases, the results are tremendous and can restore your smile to its former, more youthful glory.

The instant benefits of a Dental Implant in Surbiton

The problem of tooth loss is always going to be hanging over us throughout our lives. It can happen suddenly through injury, or it can catch up with us later in life through gum disease or tooth decay. How it happens is not so much the issue, as is, what you are going to do about it. The thing is, it is important to get a tooth replaced: it can prevent further complications and help retain your smile. There are options, but before you settle on a choice, give Mulberry dental care of Walton a call (they serve the Surbiton area), and find out as much as you can about dental implants. This is probably the most solid and permanent solution to tooth loss, and has become refined and cheaper over the years as well. Laser technology has made this a very simple procedure to have done: It involves first taking digital x-rays of your mouth to determine the precise point the implant should go. Then the laser will make a hole through the gums and into the bone, into which the implant is screwed. This can be over with in an hour and because a laser causes the minimal amount of damage, healing is quick and in some cases, you can be fitted with your new tooth the same day.

Getting a fine Dental Crown in Sunbury

Sunbury, like all other places, has its own fair share of dental problems, some are fairly trivial, others more complicated. But the good thing about modern dentistry is that is has all the answers to your problems should they crop up. Tooth decay is a particularly nasty little problem: if caught early, it can be treated with a filling, but if it infects the inside the tooth, it can do a lot of damage and the tooth will need rebuilding. To do this, you will need to have a dental crown fitted to restore both shape and size to the tooth. Crowns come in many shapes and sizes, but when it comes to what they are made from, there are two choices you have, porcelain or gold. Porcelain looks more natural and mirrors the tooth’s enamel; a full porcelain crown can be used where the workload is light, but porcelain-over-metal is far stronger and can take a lot more stress, hence, the choice between the two is governed by where the damage has been done in the mouth. Gold is strong anyway, so it can be used anywhere in the mouth and some see it as a bit of a status symbol to have a gold crown fitted. For more information, contact Mulberry dental care. Though they are based in Walton, they lend their services to the area and can help in your decision making.

Bonding away the problems: Mulberry Dental Care tells you how in Weybridge

If you want wipe away all those horrible signs of ageing from your smile, you know, worn down teeth, gaps, receding gums and other sins of the teeth, then it may be time for you to dip your toe into a little bit of cosmetic dentistry and get some bonding done. Cosmetic bonding is one of the better choices you can make to sort these problems out: it’s cheap, painless and very quick, and the results will leave you breathless. All you have to do is book an appointment with your dentist in Weybridge and let them do the rest. Your teeth will first be cleaned and then a bonding agent will be applied to the surfaces of your teeth; this is to ensure that the first layer of resin will adhere to your teeth- then the resin is cured with a heat lamp. This is repeated over and over until all of those issues you had with your smile are covered up, and, there is enough material for your dentist to work with. Then, the resin is shaped for the desired results. The resin will be colour matched to the rest of your teeth, so it will look very natural in your mouth. The results are incredible and all done in around the hour. For more information on bonding, contact Mulberry dental care of Walton, as they serve the area.