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In just 6 Months you’ll be smiling in Shepperton

So, how do you fancy getting your teeth straightened in Shepperton in just half a year? Well you can now with a wonderful fixed brace know as the 6 Months Smile. This brace takes everything that was ever good from traditional braces and gives them a complete makeover. Though it can were on many problems that arise in your mouth from biting to overcrowding to crooked teeth, this brace concentrates more on the teeth that look awkward every time you smile and by doing so, gets your mouth in order very fast. On paper, it looks the same as traditional braces, with ceramic pads and a wire running through them, but the thing is, this appliance uses modern materials that are coloured to match your teeth and give you discretion whilst wearing it. Every now and again, your dentist will tighten the wire in order to keep the optimum tension on the teeth, which is another reason they move so fast. Cleaning is important with this brace, and will take practise until you get the hang of it but hey, it isn’t for long and the brace will be off before you know it. If you’d like more information, Mulberry dental care of Walton serve the area and can give you as much information on this brace as you want.

Molesey adores the Inman Aligner

Wouldn’t it be just super when you look at those crooked front teeth in your mouth, if you could just close your eyes, wish your teeth straight and when you open them again, they are? Well, that dream is a lot closer than you think, thanks to the Inman aligner because this device may not do it as quickly as closing your eyes, but it will straighten those teeth in as little as 6 weeks for you! It truly is an amazing little gadget and the reason it works so fast is because of the philosophy behind its unique design. If you can get your teeth loosened gently, then they will be open to persuasion to move in anyway you want them too, and quickly, and this is what the Inman does. It is built to fit your mouth exactly and it comes in the form of a plate with two springs either side of it at the back. From these, a wire wraps around the outside of your teeth, while a bar pushes against the inside and it is these opposing force that loosens your teeth up and then pulls them into place. Now this is not normal and when you take the aligner for the last time (it is a removable device throughout the treatment), your teeth will want to spring back, so you’ll need a retainer until your teeth bed-in to their new position. If this catches your eye, you should get in touch with Mulberry dental care of Walton for more advice, as they serve the Molesey area.

Battling against your Dental Phobias in Surrey

Sometimes, we can act irrationally for no apparent reason: why are we scared of heights, spiders, snakes, flying, etc, and more importantly, why do some of us fear going to the dentists? It could be you are suffering from a phobia. On paper, phobias about anything, seem rather silly, yet for those who suffer from them, it is a really frightening condition to suffer from and in the case of the dentists, it can stop people getting the necessary treatment they need to keep their mouths healthy, and if course, if the teeth get worse, it only complicates the problem. If your dental phobia is really bad, you need to bring the causes to the surface, and this will take professional counselling, though, it may be scary to you, but talking to your dentist may well be the way forward, as the too are well grounded and trained in the problems of dental phobia. By doing this, you have taken your first steps to fighting your phobia and this alone should start to make you feel better about yourself. Now you can express yourself to your ‘enemy’ and then finally, get to the root of your problem. With this done, then it’s time for you to listen to your dentist who can tell you what your treatments involve, what can be done to make your appointments more comfortable for you and give you the power to choose how you would like your treatments to go. It won’t be easy, but you will be making in-roads. Mulberry dental care are based in Walton inSurrey: contact them to talk about the subject of dental phobia and what you can do to overcome it.

Dynamic Dental Bridges in Shepperton

Cosmetic dentistry can resolve any issue that it is presented with, which is always nice to know when dealing with more shocking scenarios such as tooth loss. This can initially come as quite shocking should it happen to you, yet, it isn’t so hard to put right and there are quite a few good ways of going about it, one is to have a dental bridge fitted. This treatment goes back a long way, which means that it works, and what’s even better is that the techniques of fitting them and their design has improved with age. There are three basic types to choose from; the first is a replacement tooth welded between a couple of crowns and then cemented onto the teeth that sit either side of the gap. This can also be stretched over a gap of up to three missing teeth. The other two methods involve bonding the new tooth to others using wires and resins, although these techniques have rather taken a back seat since mini dental implants have been introduced to bridge-work. They have helped to anchor bridges securely, and also evolved the thinking in the design of dental bridges. If you need to know more about the dental bridge in Shepperton, you should give Mulberry dental care of Walton a call; they serve your area and can help answer any questions that you may have.

Dealing with Dental Pain in Surbiton

There are a lot of things that can make you feel uncomfortable in life and dental pain is probably among one of the most irritating. It can strike at any time, in many forms, but when it does, it needs to be looked at, as in some cases it can be quite serious. The less serious types of pain are things like a mouth ulcer or lacerations to the gums or tongue from a chipped tooth, a broken crown or veneer. These can be soothed with pain killers and herbal remedies like clove oil or salt water, until you can get patched up. Tooth decay can also cause terrible shooting pains and the breaking through of a wisdom tooth can be horrendous. Again, go herbal and use painkillers until the problem resolves itself or you can be seen by your dentist. Abscess pain is very serious and in this situation, you need immediate treatment, either from a dentist or from the hospital. Other pain can be the hangover from a treatment you may have had- again painkillers. It is sometimes confusing as to what to do in some situations so you need to get clued up beforehand. Mulberry dental care of Walton work the Surbiton area so give them a call; they can supply you with all the information on dental pain you’ll need to get you through.

The magic of Teeth Whitening in Kingston-upon-Thames

It is generally thought that if your teeth look beautifully white and healthy, then you are going to have a healthy demeanour throughout your mouth- and it’s true. People who have remarkably white teeth are those that have had them whitened, and your dentist would not allow this to have happened unless your mouth was free from gum disease and tooth decay first. This is why they don’t like you going DIY with your teeth whitening unless you have consulted with them to begin with. DIY teeth whitening is big business around Kingston-upon-Thames: you can buy endless products in the shops to get you started. Bleaching pens are great for touching up the odd off-coloured tooth here and there, whereas, using whitening toothpastes can get you teeth looking sparkly everywhere. But it is the full home bleaching kits, with trays and bleach, which people go mad for- people like to do things themselves and now they have the opportunity. But it seems an odd way to go about things when your dentist can do it for you and give you supreme results. Laser tooth whitening is superb and for only an hour in the chair, plus a £100, you can have a look that you only ever dreamed about before. Contact Mulberry dental care before you make your choices; they may be based in Walton, but they serve the area and can help give you focus in your choices.

Weybridge goes to town on Oral Hygiene

How wonderful is it that we sort-of know how to care for our general oral welfare at home. But sort-of isn’t really enough and you need to be aware of all aspects of your oral hygiene, so you could start by giving Mulberry dental care a call. Though based in Walton, they serve Weybridge and can give supreme advice about you and your oral hygiene. It isn’t exactly rocket science but it is vital that you do your best to get it right. Getting the right products is always high on the agenda, but you should never stop buying them either, the more the merrier in fact. Toothbrushes, toothpastes, dental flosses, inter-dental brushes, mouthwashes and herbal products….buy the lot and keep mixing it up when it comes to cleaning every part of your mouth. By doing this a lot to begin with, it will help you get your technique right and teach you how use your products correctly. Of course, there can be no greater acknowledgement that you are doing things right than that from your dentist. You should keep up with your bi-annual visits, even if it’s just to get the nod that you are on the right track. And if your not, then you are in the company of an expert to patch up anything you may have missed and send you on your way. Between you, you can achieve what is known as perfect oral hygiene.

Getting the invisible treatment through Invisalign in Kingston-upon-Thames

For today’s generation, and for future generations of people who’ll have to go through the ‘agony’ of getting their teeth straightened, spare a thought for previous generations who went through this with a gob-full of iron work, for you don’t have to. Modern orthodontic treatments are so much faster, and don’t look ugly whilst doing it either. In fact when it comes to Invisalign, you couldn’t tell it was there at all. This wonderful little aligner from the wonderful US of A will straighten your teeth quickly, comfortably and with the utmost discretion. When you start the treatment, you will be presented with a series of completely clear aligners that you will have to change as your treatment progresses and your teeth start to move, being clear, no-one will know you are wearing it, so that has already removed the playground of staffroom ridicule. Throughout, you only need to wear it for around 22 hours a day- it’s removable, so now you have the luxury of brushing your teeth in a normal way too. And to cap this all off, your teeth will be cured of their crookedness in a third of the time it takes for traditional braces to do. Give Mulberry dental care of Walton a call as they can tell you the entire why’s and where’s about Invisalign in Kingston-upon-Thames.

Weybridge and the Inman Aligner

Teeth, aren’t they always a problem eh? You care for them when you are growing up, repair them if they go wrong, keep them healthy and how do they pay you back on occasions, they strike out on their own and grow in all directions, making you self-conscious and introverted. And of course, the longer you leave them, the less likely it is that you will want to undergo a lengthy orthodontic treatment to straighten them up again. Well how does 6 weeks sound to you to pull those annoying front teeth into place? No joking, you can you know, and it’s all thanks to a marvellous feat of dental engineering known as the Inman aligner. Oh yes, this works like no other device on the market: it has a mechanism that will push and pull on your teeth until they start to loosen up, and then, it will pull them back into place. Such turn of speed however comes with the problem that as soon as the treatment is over, the teeth will want to spring out again, which is why you will be supplied with a retainer to wear until the teeth have bedded into their new home. And throughout those hard 6 weeks of beautiful torture, you can take the aligner out to clean and to eat. For the price of this orthodontic angel and for all the information about the treatment, give Mulberry dental care of Walton a call, as they operate in the Weybridge area and will tell you all you need to know.

The benefits of General Dentistry in Sunbury

The world of dentistry has become very flashy these days, with all it’s temptations of beautiful cosmetic treatments to make your smile look the most beautiful in Sunbury, nay, the world. However, behind all of this razzamatazz, still lies the backbone of general dentistry whose goal is to serve you with all of the basic treatments to keep your mouth feeling and looking healthy. All the way up to, and including adulthood, there are going to be problems along the way which is what the ‘average-Joe’ dentist is there for. X-rays are part of this, and by having them done, your dentist can identify problems immediately and set about solving them. This could include fillings, root canals, deep cleaning and scaling, the removal of tartar followed by polishing, the removal of problem milk and wisdom teeth, and the overseeing of orthodontic problems. The other prime directive of general dentistry is to always be on the look out for signs of plaque, tooth decay and periodontal and gum disease, which can lead to tooth loss. General dentistry is there to keep you up and running, cosmetic dentistry is the icing on a healthy cake. Give Mulberry dental car of Walton a call if you want to know more about what all aspects of dentistry can do for you.