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Teeth Whitening or Veneers: You decided in Sunbury

When you decide to get your teeth into shape in Sunbury, there are various ways to go about doing this: a little advice may well be needed at first, so you should contact Mulberry dental care; based in Walton, Surrey, they serve the area and can guide you through your options. Essentially, the choices between having dental veneers or teeth whitening comes down to the condition of your teeth. If they are crooked, gapped, chipped or cracked, then you will need veneers to cover up these problems. They can help to turn back the years in your smile and being durable, they will last you a good 15 years if you look after them. On the flip side of veneers though, if your teeth are in pretty fine shape and only look a little jaded through discolouration, then getting them whitened is the preferable way forward. You can buy toothpastes, colouring pens and home DIY bleaching kits if you fancy taking the job on yourself, but you can get the state-of-the-art laser bleaching done by your dentist, quickly and cheaply. Whatever you decide on, both the final results from veneers and whitening are phenomenal and will transform your smile beautifully.

Sealants for your young ones in Kingston-upon-Thames

You are always going to have to be alert when it comes to your children growing up and caring for their health, especially their teeth, as these will always be changing, and with that comes the ever present threat of tooth decay, a ,major problem in children. In the beginning, keeping their teeth clean is down to you until they learn to do things on their own. If you teach them well, it should at least be damage limitation. The real problems come when you send them off to school, because with their new found freedom comes the discovery of all things containing sugar. Now you can try to get them to clean their teeth when they get home, but this is always going to be hard because sweets and drinks are lovely. So, you should drag them to the dentists and have them kitted out with dental sealants. This is a small film of plastic that is melted onto the surfaces of the teeth and prevents any acids and bacteria from eating away at the enamel of the teeth. They are robust and strong, fitted in a matter of minutes and can last from 5-10 years. It is the only way that you can at cross off at least one of the things from your worry list. For more information, call Mulberry dental care in Walton about dental sealants and they will direct you to the right places to go in Kingston-upon-Thames to have them fitted.

Plaque and Periodontal Disease in Surbiton

Some things never seem to give up trying to wreck your teeth and gums, but the truth is, they never will and they will always be a constant threat. The number one villain is plaque and is essentially the catalyst for all other problems in the mouth which is why so many products from brushes to pastes and mouthwashes are design to home in specifically on plaque- remove it now and you will save yourself from the evils to come. It forms from bacteria and left alone, it will quickly harden into tartar, which will require your dentist to remove. Again, left alone, this will start to infect the gums and disease will set in, the teeth will be prone to decay and then suddenly we find ourselves at the extreme end of what plaque has started- periodontal disease. This is where all this ravishing and destruction has now infected the actual bone structure of the jaws: your teeth will fall out. Such an extreme condition can be solved, but with severe treatments involving bone and skin grafting. This horror story rather enhances the need for good oral health between you and your dentist to prevent getting to this stage. If you have any concerns on this subject, you should seek counsel from Mulberry dental care of Walton; they serve Surbiton and can tell you all you need to know about plaque and periodontal disease.

Spotting the early Symptoms of Dental Cavities in Weybridge

Oral hygiene plays an important factor in the ongoing battle with our teeth. It helps to combat any bacteria build up on the surface of the teeth and the build up of tartar and plaque, all of which can lead to the breakdown of enamel and allow dental cavities to form. You are possibly at your most vulnerable if you skip a couple of dental appointments, for any form of decay sets in quickly and any cavities would have easily been discovered in an x-ray. You will first notice the symptoms of a cavity when you start to bite down on the offending tooth or expose it to hot and cold temperatures; it will send a shooting pain through your mouth. Other signs that a cavity is on the way is a tooth may become unusually discoloured on the surfaces. Now it’s time to act and get yourself checked out so that your dentist can get to work on you; in most cases, you may only require a filling which the easiest way out. But if the cavity is allowed to go further, the whole inside of the tooth will become infected, which requires root canal treatment to save it in the long run. If you have concerns, you can get more information about dental cavities from Mulberry dental Care of Walton,Surreyas they serve the Weybridge area.

Eliminating Crooked Teeth with Veneers in Surbiton

Dental veneers are usually more associated with covering up gaps, cracks and general wear and tear in the teeth and gums. Crooked teeth are normally rectified by the use of aligners or braces. However, in some cases, a veneer can be used as a solution to crooked teeth as well- a term known as instant orthodontics. Most dentists are very unsure about using this technique in severe crookedness as it involves removing a lot of the tooth’s surface area and core below, but it is ideal where there is minimal crookedness. Once the tooth has been shaved and cleaned, it’s a matter of taking a cast so that the veneer can be made, and then it is simply cemented into place, hiding any signs of problems beneath. The reason people opt for this method is that the whole treatment is over with in a couple of weeks, where the average orthodontic treatment to re-align teeth is over a year. You should first get a second opinion before setting off down this road: Mulberry dental care of Walton serve the Surbiton area and can give you all the advice you need to know about going down this route. It may not be what you want to hear and you may still yet have to wear braces, but the advice will be the best around.

Cool Cosmetic Dentistry in Kingston-upon-Thames

If you want to feel really good about yourself and make yourself feel and look a lot younger, then it may be time to call in a little bit of cosmetics, and what better place to start than your mouth. The lips are the first place to start as a cosmetic dentist can sort these out for you, as well as your teeth, with a little botox or some dermal filling to smooth out those ageing craggy lines. Then it’s time to go into your mouth: essentially, if your teeth have jaded a little and become discoloured, then whitening your teeth can work wonders for you; if however, they’ve suffered damage through ageing, dental veneers would be the way to get the perfect look back. But life isn’t always as simple as the above; some people may have suffered tooth loss or even have been born with a gummy smile. Tooth loss can easily be overcome with partial dentures, dental implants and dental bridges. For those who have excess gum around their teeth, it can be easily rectified with laser contouring. Essentially, whatever you have done to improve your smile, your teeth will always need to be healthy from the start so you need to get advice on what you want to have done: Mulberry dental care of Walton serves the Kingston-upon-Thames area and can give you detailed advice on everything cosmetic, and just where and how to go to get it done.

The dangers of leaving a Tooth Abscess Untreated in Surbiton

It’s a funny thing about problems with your teeth and gums, they can seemingly go away after a while and you could be lulled into thinking that you have nothing to worry about, but nothing could be further from the truth and a potential storm could be just around the corner. Mulberry dental care of Walton serves the Surbiton area and they are the people to call about all serious conditions that crop up in your mouth, as it is always wise to be ahead of the game when an emergency comes along. One such serious emergency is when a tooth abscess comes along. These are the direct result of poor oral hygiene that has led to tooth decay. When they strike, your face will swell up badly and you will suffer from excruciating pain. Now in some cases, you can counter this with painkillers and after a while, the swelling may disappear, but again, don’t be fooled that you’re okay, because your not. It needs to be treated with antibiotics before any work can be done to repair the decay in the tooth in order to save it. But an abscess feeds high toxins into the bloodstream an in some cases, this can poison the brain and put you into a life threatening coma. It’s a condition that requires immediate treatment from your dentist if around, if not, take no chances and get to a hospital as soon as you can.

How to care for your Child’s Oral Health in Sunbury

Your children are always going to be the love of your life, but boy, as they grow you are going to have to be aware that they are going to take a lot of nurturing and looking after until they can start to do it for themselves. This is especially true about their teeth as well and so you need to get yourself prepared. Advice is always on hand from Mulberry dental care of Walton as they serve the Sunbury area: they can supply you with all the information and a guide to your children’s oral health and it would be advice well taken. From the moment your child begins teething, you need to get on enlist the help of a paediatrician in these early days and then later, a dentist too. You need to know how to administer good oral hygiene and diet to your kids in these early years as this will define how their teeth grow in the future. The next big hurdle is when their secondary teeth come through- again a tricky time, but you should have a dentist to turn to by this time. They will inevitably suffer from tooth decay, some children may need orthodontic treatment to re-align crooked teeth and if you haven’t had enough of them and kicked them out by the time they are 18, you may well watch their wisdom teeth come through too. All of this will cost money too, so you have to plan from the moment your child is born.


Continual Replacement of Veneers in Weybridge

In general, veneers are usually fitted to people after the age of thirty whose teeth have become jaded with age. They are easy to fit, look beautiful and cover up many ills. They are also strong and can last a good 15 years if treated well. Of course, things do go wrong like damage for example and so the veneer will have to be replaced. As a rule, you can have veneers replaced as many times as is needed so long as the tooth structure below the veneer remains healthy. In the case of ultra thin veneers, this means as long as the enamel of the tooth remains healthy; for thicker veneers that require the removal of the tooth’s enamel, it’s as long as the core of the tooth is healthy. Overall, veneers do very little damage to the status quo of the teeth meaning they can be replaced as often as you like and this will be likely anyway as your teeth, gums and the bite of your mouth changes as you get older. For more information about veneers in Weybridge, you should call Walton’s Mulberry dental care service.

The Yellowing of Porcelain Veneers in Molesey

On very few occasions, the odd report comes in from a patient that their porcelain veneers have discoloured and turned yellow. The thing is about porcelain is not only is it an amazingly beautiful material that can transform the way you smile, but it is also durable and highly resistant to staining. Now if you are a heavy smoker and love your red wine and coffee, the veneers will start to discolour and become yellowish. But it doesn’t mean to say that the porcelain has become stained, just that you need to cut back on your excesses and clean your teeth better. However, the more likely reason for veneers to become yellow stems from the way they are fitted. If the cement is poor, or so is the fitting, the staining can seep in from behind the veneer and yellow it that way. Of course, our lives change over the years: when you have veneers fitted originally, they are colour coded to match the rest of your teeth, but if you have your teeth whitened somewhere down the line, the new whiteness of your teeth can make your veneers appear yellow in appearance. For all you need to know about this and other issues with your veneers in Molesey, Mulberry dental care of Walton serve your area and can give you the best advice around.