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Kids and their Teeth in Weybridge

At any time in your life in Weybridge, dentistry can be quite complicated as can be the work you do at home to maintain your oral hygiene. But as a Surrey practise will concur, probably the most delicate time is that when your teeth are developing- when you are a child. As a parent, you should be in a pretty good position to look after your kids as their teeth develop because you would have gone through it all yourself. But even dentistry is different for children because they have special needs and if the teeth grow correctly up to wisdom teeth breaking through, there is a good chance the teeth will last for life. From a baby, a paediatrician is vital in the development of teeth and for monitoring problems such as tooth decay. Then when you are ready, it’s time to find a dentist that is likely to be around during the growing years in order to build a good historic record of the teeth and of course, to put right any wrong your child may experience along the way. They are also a great ally when teaching your child about the importance of oral care and what to eat in order to keep their teeth healthy and strong.

Dental Surgery in Surrey

When we think of the words ‘dental surgery’, we can be forgiven for thinking it’s the building in Surrey where we go to be administered pain! But the actual term refers more to the procedures surrounding dentistry that involve some form of reconstruction to the teeth, gums and jaws- this can also extend to facial reconstruction. There are four main areas that dentists specialise. Periodontics specialises in structures and diseases that affect our teeth and the treatment and rebuilding. Orthodontic treatment covers such issues and teeth alignment by the use of braces, dental implants and tooth extraction. Endodontics concerns itself with everything inside the tooth as well a root canal treatment, but probably Prosthodontics is the most common field that people can relate to as it deals with the cosmetic side of dentistry covering everything false from bridges, veneers, crowns, implants to dentures. All of these involve some form of rebuilding so the treatment you get from one of these professionals can be quite intricate and technical. This has been aided by the advances in technology that has seen the introduction of lasers, computers and digital imaging which has greatly help to refine procedures. Of course, there are also many others arms to dental surgery as well that your run of the mill dentist that carries out from fillings to sedation. One thing is for sure- you are in safe hands.

Opting for White fillings in Kingston-upon-Thames

You would think that the reason behind people opting for white fillings in Kingston-upon-Thames is purely a cosmetic one. Well, that is true to a point for they do look amazingly natural in the mouth and the amalgam filling can look very old and ugly. But there are some countries that have banned the use of amalgam fillings altogether because of the lead content in them. However, white fillings don’t come without their own irritating little problems as a Surrey practice is quick to point out. For a start, they are generally classed as cosmetic, so it is not widely done on the NHS, although this is starting to change. They are also considered to have a shorter shelf life than amalgam because of how these contract within the tooth, hence annoyingly, they just fall out, although this is also down to their placement in the mouth as well and what forces are going through them. Annoyingly for those who have amalgam fillings, the dentist will advise strongly against having them replaced purely for cosmetic purposes. However, the materials used in white fillings are evolving and they are getting stronger, but there is no denying how much better they look in the mouth.

Stopping Teeth Grinding in Shepperton

There are many dangers that threaten your mouth on a daily basis and generally, they only put in an appearance once the damage has been done. One of the most destructive conditions identified by a Surrey practice is teeth grinding, as over a long time, this condition can cause damage all over the upper body, let alone to your teeth and jaws and aside from having reconstruction done to your teeth, it may require surgery to put right the damage done to your jaws, neck and upper back. Grinding is directly connected to stress and though damage to the teeth can be halted with the use of a mouth-guard, it will not stop the reasons behind grinding. This will take counselling and stress management in order to get to the root of the problem. Essentially, the main damage is done when you sleep. If you take the stresses of the day to bed with you, this is where most of the destructive grinding will be done. You have to learn to manage your stresses throughout your average day in Shepperton and then, learn how to unwind at home- this is the only way forward to stop the condition becoming dangerous to your health.

Stopping the rot with a Root Canal in Worcester Park

As a Surrey practice is keen to emphasise, root canal treatment no longer hold the ‘evil’ stigma that has been built up around it in Worcester Park, though even now, it’s not pretty reading. It is very likely your own fault that you have to go through it anyway, because having this done is caused by tooth decay, borne out of lazy oral hygiene. The problem is that the pulp and roots within the tooth have become infected and in order to save the tooth, the rotten bits have to be removed. Now conventionally, the pulp and root would be drilled out, however, an awkward root would have to be removed by cutting the gum and drilling through the side of the tooth…nasty. Once done, the tooth could be filled and capped with a crown. Fortunately, such an act of atrocity has been rendered almost painless do to the introduction of the laser to dentistry. Being used in many areas, it is perfect for removing roots and pulp in seconds, hence, little discomfort.

The Inman Aligner roars into Surbiton

There is something that may have gone completely unnoticed to you in Surbiton, but that is hardly surprising because its speed is the nature of this beast- the Inman aligner. Now if you suffer from buck front teeth but are worried about long drawn out treatments, you’d be well advised to get up to speed with this bespoke little gadget- it’s an engineering miracle from across the sea and highly recommended by a Surrey practice. It is due to the mechanical make-up of the device that limits its use to the front teeth, but oh my oh, how this thing works! For starters, it sits barely visible in the mouth and anchors on the back teeth. Then a wire is fed via a spring around the front of the teeth. This spring also operates a bar that pushes the teeth on the inside while the wire pulls on the outside, so  the teeth are in constant movement and this means that they move very fast….up to six weeks fast!! Such rapid change in how your teeth have been moved means that a retainer will have to be worn afterwards to prevent the teeth spring back. However, throughout the treatment, you can remove the device whenever it suits you, though it needs to be worn a minimum of 22 hours a day, child’s play considering the treatment will be over in a flash!

The artistry of Invisalign Sunbury

So, it’s the day you’ve been dreading in Sunbury, the day you need your teeth straightening and however you paint it up, it’s going to be a couple of years of hell and ridicule- that was until now! Those crazy Americans, the gurus of teeth alignment, have come up with possibly the answer to every fear and problem that having your teeth fixed throws at you- Invisalign. Now, not everyone can have this treatment so you will first have to be checked out, but if you suit the agenda, a Surrey practice endorses that you go for it because it will not only be fun and pleasant, it will blow every concept of teeth alignment you may have had out of the water. Let’s start with its greatest asset- its invisible! It’s made from a clear plastic that you’d be hard pushed to notice in the mouth. As the treatment progresses, you will change the aligner to cater for the rapid movement of your teeth- this treatment work three times faster than conventional braces. But another beautiful advantage to this fabulous little device is that it is removable- it is recommended that it be worn for at least 22 hours a day meaning, it can be removed for eating, cleaning or those tender intimate moments that may crop up! So, teeth alignment can be fun and completely painless- enlist today!

Instant joy for your mouth with CEREC in Shepperton

There was a time in Shepperton when, if you needed to have a veneer fitted, a crown or even a bridge, you’d have to wait weeks until the part was made and even when it did return from the lab, there was no guarantee that it would fit correctly, which meant sending it back again. Fortunately, that has all changed thanks to the computer and digital imaging and as a Surrey Practice enthuses about, if you are a busy person in a hurry, you can have these fittings done and dusted in under 2 hours if you opt for CEREC. When you decide what you want doing, you will have digital x-rays and images taken and then fed into a computer that translates the dimensions into a milling machine that makes your fitting while you wait. Naturally, during this time, the dentist can prepare your teeth and get on with any other work that needs doing. Then, you are kitted out with your new look and off you trot- smiling wildly! Of course, the other advantage of CEREC is that if there is a problem with the fitting, it can be rectified in-house, there and then. In comparison, there is also very little difference in cost compared to having the work done the old-fashioned way. Which method would you go for?!

A Surrey practice backs Dental Implants in Weybridge

A few of us in Weybridge may be wary of having dental implants as in the past, it was a very intricate procedure that took months and months to recover from, but as a Surrey practise is quick to point out, dental implant procedures have advanced tremendously with wonderful technology. In the past, the treatment was done with scalpels, drills and stitching of the gums, but with modern lasers and healing aids, you can have a titanium implant placed into the jaw in a matter of hours and seeing as a laser burns a tiny hole through the gum and into the bone, there is minimal damage, quick healing and no need for stitches. As with all alien additions to the body, there will be a recovery period, but this is really minimal, especially with mini-implants. The thing about having dental implants though is that they offer more freedom to the wearer than those who opt for bridges or dentures. When they are fitted, they will last for life, it is only the crowns that may break down, in which case, they are simply replaced. They are also free of the normal infections and problems that threaten a normal tooth and root. If you want this, you should consult your dentist and set up a payment plan in order to spread the costs, but you’ll never look back once it’s done.

Dandy Bridges in your mouth in Kingston-upon-Thames

There are quite a few ways to repair the loss of teeth in the mouth, but as a Surrey practice suggests, you can do no wrong by opting for the tried and tested method of a dental bridge; the fact that they have been around for decades rather indicates just how successfully durable they are and they have even evolved. If you have only a single tooth to attach the new fitting to, it will be done using wires and resin. This can also be done when placing a fitting between two teeth, but the more traditional method around Kingston-upon-Thames is to have a new tooth moulded to two crowns that are then cemented over the adjacent teeth that remain. This bridge can cover several teeth that have been lost- however that could make the bridge weak in the middle, that was until the mini-implant came along- fit a couple of these and you can anchor the bridge solidly into place, making it last even longer than before. When you are fitted with your bridge, you will have to learn how to clean in and around them as they a notoriously good at housing food, but with a little help from your dentist you’ll be up and running in no-time, as will your beautiful smile that you may have thought you had lost forever.