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Oral Cancer – Mulberry Dental Care Offers Advice in Molesey

The shock at being diagnosed with oral cancer in Molesey can be devastating and very terminal for some people, but if you find yourself in this horrific position, you need to enlist as much support and help as you can if you are going to give yourself any chance of beating it and Mulberry dental care can help set you on your way. The thing to be aware of is anything that tends to be unusual in your mouth, especially if it is persistent and repetitive- like sores, sore throats and jaw ache; you know when something isn’t right so get to the doctors and dentists for a check-up because the quicker you get diagnosed, the more chance you have of beating it. Then once you have had the therapy and treatment, that’s when you need your support for your recovery. This is never going to be easy and you have to change the way you have lived your life in the past so that you have a chance in the future. Look at all aspects like diet, oral hygiene, smoking and drinking and see where you can change. This is not an impossible disease to beat, just look at the statistics, but it will take commitment and dedication.


Mini-implants for patients in Kingston-upon-Thames

Cosmetic dentistry is rife in Kingston-upon-Thames and rightly so, there’s no harm in smiling fabulously. But with anything you ‘choose’ to have done, it is also settling to learn about what exactly is going to happen and Mulberry dental care is on hand to anyone that requires guidance in this department. This is especially true when having a mini-dental implant fitted, as it is a complex looking operation on paper. In actuality however, it is an extremely routine, quick and painless operation these days, as you will discover when seeking advice. Mini-implants are used to support a number of minor cosmetic replacements when someone has suffered tooth loss in some form or another. The idea of having a titanium rod screwed into the jawbone sounds grisly, but it’s not at all; laser pinpoint surgery and the use of computers have made this once delicate operation, simple and multiple minis can be fitted within the hour! They can be used to support small crowns or dental bridges, but they really come into their own when used to lock dentures firmly into place. They are a very versatile treatment and give more freedom to anyone who has suffered from tooth loss than ever before.

Teeth Straightening, Invisibility and You in Weybridge

If you have to embark on a course of teeth straightening in Surrey, it is a very testing time both mentally a physically. Images of people with braces and what they have been through are not good reading- but this is…Invisalign. This is yet another classic in teeth alignment from the people who do it the best, Americans. They have a knack for finding the right brace for the right situation and they have come up with a stunner here. You first have to find out if it will suit you by getting measured up and if you are suitable you will be fitted with the first of many aligner, more akin to a gum-shield. The first advantage of this device is that it can be removed whenever necessary, like when you eat or clean your teeth. It also works faster than other aligners, up to three times faster although times are irrelevant with this device, because it’s almost invisible when fitted! Being made from a completely clear plastic, it’s almost impossible to detect in the mouth. Now for anyone considering this treatment, then get in touch with Mulberry dental care for advice on just how brilliant this device is- then get it fitted!!



It’s so ‘in’ man! The perfect aligner hits Shepperton

Once in a lifetime, some brainbox is allowed to put ideas into action- some of these ideas may fail, others will be amazing; pretty much goes for gadgets in dentistry too. However, something has landed in the dental surgeries of Shepperton that is frankly delicious in all departments- the Inman aligner. What this device promises to those with buck front teeth are quite outrageous: 6 weeks minimum and your teeth will be straight! It’s removable, so you can eat and clean as normal!! It’s also cheap, starting from around £1200!!! What makes this device so remarkable is it’s mechanism that places oppose forces on the teeth which essentially keeps them on the move all of the time so, they move very quickly. Once the treatment is over, a retainer will be required to prevent your teeth trying to spring back again and allow them to bed into their new position- and what a position! In a month and a half you could be pushing your way to the front of group photographs one more. It is the perfect treatment, if you have finally come to your senses, for any quick fix for an important event coming up in your life. You can find out more about this extraordinary aligner from Mulberry dental care.

The Art of Perfect Teeth – Lumineers in Sunbury

As we get a little older and our teeth start to get a little jaded, we can start to get a little envious of those around us in Sunbury who have lovely teeth. This is probably the time then to give Mulberry dental care a call and ask about Lumineers. These are a form of dental veneers that have been designed from a specially patented porcelain, specifically to get the job done quickly and then discarded when there life span comes to an end; the job being to take the tiredness out of your mouth and replace it with youthful exuberance. They are incredibly thin, but they get there strength when they are cemented into place. Preparation is minimal and they are simply glued onto the surface of your teeth to cover up all of the bad evidence. They are not designed to be in for the long haul, just a short sharp fix so you will be lucky to get over five years out of them, but the beauty is that the process is reversible, unlike traditional porcelain veneers that require the removal of the tooth’s enamel. But in conclusion, they will make your smile superior to what it was and stop you moaning about others- in fact, others will be moaning about you!

Whitening Your Teeth in Surbiton with Enlighten

If you were to seek advice about the best way to get your teeth whitened in Surbiton, you would be best off getting in touch with Mulberry dental care before jumping into the deep end. There are many options on the market, some of which are pretenders, but there is one that is a true contender- Enlighten tooth whitening. This is a complete system that offers the full package, and not only that, you also have your dentist on board as well to monitor your progress; be rest assured, this treatment is the absolute darling of teeth whitening right now- the end results are breath-taking leaving you with incredible looking teeth. You get measured at your dentist for the bleaching trays and then when you get them, it’s DIY at home; you simply fill them with the agent and pop them in before you go to sleep, brilliant eh? And two weeks later, you return to your dentist for a quick laser blast and you look amazing. It does come with a few rules such as avoiding smoking and foods that are likely to stain, as well as using whitening toothpaste during the process, but this is peanuts to bear for what you will get out of it. If this takes your fancy, then get down to your dentist and ask about all the treatments that Enlighten offer and price wise, they are very reasonable as well.


Bridges and Gaps in Surrey, Mulberry Dental Care has the Advice You Need

Tooth loss is a sorry state of affairs in Surrey, by whatever reason it happens. The aftermath however is the more difficult thing to get over; not only is there the shock of how different your mouth looks, there is the complication of further health issues arising in your mouth because of the loss. Though not essential in all cases, generally, it’s advisable to plug up the holes in order to protect your ‘bite’ and relieve pressure on your jaws and a tried and tested method is the use of a dental bridge. They come in many guises, depending on where the tooth loss has occurred. If for example you have lost a tooth at the back of the mouth and there is only a single tooth to bond the replacement to, it will be attached with wires and resin to the adjacent tooth. The more common bridge however is one that sits between to remaining teeth often called the Maryland bridge, the replacement tooth is bonded to two crowns that are then cemented onto two adjacent teeth; this can be used for multiple tooth loss as well, though, often in conjunction with a mini-implant. Whatever bridge you need for tooth loss, they can be a bit hard to clean at first as you will require some special little brushes to get under them, but if cared for, they are a fantastic replacement that will last you a good 15 years or so.


Mulberry Dental Care Eases Your Fears of Dentures in Molesey

If many people in Molesey were to be honest- especially the vain ones, one of their greatest fears of getting older would be of tooth loss and the thought of wearing dentures. There are many reasons behind why people lose their teeth, but there are also many reasons why they should be replaced- mainly health reasons. Dentures have received really bad press over the years and in some cases, justifiably so; ill-fitting and horribly fake looking to name a couple. Things however have moved on greatly and dentures actually, are quite brilliant these days. They are made of far better materials that adhere to the mouth a lot better and if you have only lost the odd tooth, having a partial denture is a serious option to consider because they look fabulous, feel great in the mouth and are miles cheaper than other alternatives such as implants and bridges. Full dentures have also taken a leap into the future; again, it’s about the materials that dentures are now made from- so much softer and so much more natural looking. Fixatives have also improved magnificently over the years, but possibly the the greatest aid that has come to the denture wearer is the mini-implant. With five or six of these located into the jaw, they locate into the dentures, clicking them into place and holding them firm and true in the mouth. For all answers to your denture fears, you can contact Mulberry dental care for advice.

Princely Porcelain Veneers in Worcester Park

So how do you fancy smiling like royalty in Worcester Park? It doesn’t matter how many gaps, cracks, chips, receding gums or discolouration you have in your mouth, because you can regenerate your smile beautifully with porcelain veneers. These wafer thin beauties have been making people look stunning for decades as porcelain has a wonderful natural hue that resembles the enamel of your teeth. When you choose to go for this cosmetic makeover, your dentist will first have to prepare your teeth by removing the enamel- only then can moulds be taken and sent off so that your veneers can be made. This normally takes around two weeks during which time you will be fitted with temporary veneers. Then when you veneers are made, you’ll return to the dentists so that they can be cemented into place. What you will not be prepared for is how remarkably different your teeth and smile will look and this ‘shock’ of looking beautiful may take a while to sink in, as will having this new feel of the veneers inside your mouth. But you better believe it, this is nothing to bear compared to the incredible confidence that will return to your smile- overnight you will become a grinning sensation. Mulberry dental care will give you all the advice and information about porcelain veneers so that you can make an informed decision.

How Kingston-upon-Thames addresses your Dental Phobias through Mulberry Dental Care

Dentistry in Kingston-upon-Thames has become extremely slick, painless and sophisticated over the years as treatments have become refined with technology- of course, that doesn’t make a blind bit of difference if you have some sort of phobia about getting to the dentists in the first place; convincing someone with a fear of sitting in the dentist’s chair is going to take a lot more than science. Modern dentistry is trying to address such things as dental phobia, because it makes administering the correct treatments, that upset patients require, difficult- most dentists today recognise this, but it is still about convincing their patients- even though there are modern sedation techniques, painless laser treatments and great staff to comfort patients. Phobias are born out of many things and getting to the root of such issues means getting to the root of the patient and in extreme cases, could take some severe psychiatric work. But then as a patient, you have a choice to make as well- do you want healthy teeth, do you want to run from anything that scares you. It isn’t easy but it must be confronted. Get to know your dentist, sit down with them, get to know about what really goes on in the surgery and fill your head with information about what treatments you are getting. Fronting the devil is never easy; with advice from Mulberry dental care, you can inform yourself about everything dental, but you need to fight your demons, otherwise, you will be putting your health at risk.