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Treating Your Kids Teeth in Weybridge

Children’s teeth are not the easiest of customers for you or a Weybridge dentist to deal with as up to the age of 17, there are some pretty incredible changes that go on in the mouth that you, as a parent are going to have to deal with- and there will be tears along the way. From the moment your child is born, their teeth have already started to develop beneath the gums, but it is when they come through, you have your first real test on your hands, which is why you should befriend a paediatrician to help you through these early years and then, find a dentist to help monitor the growth of your children’s teeth, because the next crisis is when your child’s second teeth come through, again a delicate time. Throughout all of this, you must also instil into your kid the importance of oral hygiene in order to save them from the perils of tooth decay. Next up, further down the line, during their teenage years, your child may well need some form of orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth up and again this can be a traumatic time because they may need to wear a brace for some years and this can damage a child’s confidence during an important period of their lives- you need to be there to pick up the emotion fall out of this. Of course throughout all of this, you need to pay for the treatments so you must plan ahead by going through the NHS or by setting up some form of dental insurance that will help you these years. It isn’t easy and if you are worried about such problems, you should get in touch with Mulberry dental care to help point you in the right direction.

You and Dental Surgery in Surrey

Dental surgery can take many forms but usually it is split into much specialised areas by very specialised people, because who you are treated by depends on exactly where in the mouth you have a problem. For example, dental prosthetics tends to cover everything to do with cosmetic based tooth improvements or replacements, ranging from crowns to veneers to bridges through to implants. Orthodontics covers the alignment of the teeth, whilst endodontics deals with everything inside the teeth- but these are specialist fields. Other examples you may have experienced yourself in Surrey are basic dental surgery procedures such as fillings, de-scaling or root canal treatment. These are all forms of dental surgery. Of course, there are areas where surgical procedures become complex. The damage caused by injury or oral cancer can mean reconstructing areas of the mouth after initial treatment. Damage to the jaws by grinding your teeth or injury by impact from playing sports also fall into a specialised category of surgery. Essentially though, as Mulberry dental care would concur, all are design to maintain the general welfare of everything oral, so you can rest assured that you are in very good hands throughout the dental world.

Wonderful White Fillings in Kingston-upon-Thames

In Kingston-upon-Thames right now, there is a huge drive by people to get the best out of there smile by opting for some wonderful cosmetic dentistry on offer around the town and there is something for everyone to jump aboard the vanity train. And why not? There is nothing like a beautiful, healthy smile to get you noticed and help you get ahead of the pack. This includes the way you have your teeth filled as well. Old grey, amalgam style filling are just not ‘in’ and they can tend to make people conscious of the way they smile or open their mouths, no, they would much prefer more natural looking white fillings. But this does come with a caution as more dentists would rather you replace the old ones only when they need to be. Still, considering you are paying for the luxury of better looking teeth, you can change them when you want to. They aren’t normally considered to be as durable as amalgam, being made generally from composite resins and glass particles- they can be fragile, fall out easier and are not that good at resisting the forces you put your teeth through on a daily basis. But the materials that they are made from are changing all the time and slowly are getting up to the levels of strength normally associated with amalgam. Before making your decision, you should chat to Mulberry dental care to get all the facts.

Treating Bruxism in Shepperton Through Mulberry Dental Care

One of the most destructive yet most unnoticed conditions that your mouth can suffer from is bruxism, or teeth grinding. Over a long period of time you can destroy your teeth and do dramatic damage to your head, neck and upper back and damage that can seriously impair your health in the future. At first it is difficult to detect, although eagle eyed dentists will be able to spot the problem the next time you go for a check-up. They can issue you with a mouth-guard to protect the surfaces of the teeth from damage when you sleep, the time when most grinding is done, but that doesn’t address nor solve the core root of the problem that causes you to grind- stress. Stress is never good for the soul and it certainly isn’t healthy for your body either. In a busy place like Shepperton, you probably don’t realise how much tension you can put your body through each day, but you will take it home with you and it is at this point of the day that you must release all the stress and tension from your body in order to completely relax and get a worry-free night’s sleep and free from the problem of teeth grinding. This is not as easy as it sounds and it may take some counselling in order to understand the problem and then cure it. Mulberry dental care helps you with advice on stress management and anger management in order to overcome the issue of teeth grinding.

Keeping Your Teeth with Root Canal Treatment in Worcester Park

There is no doubt the damage tooth decay can do to your teeth in Worcester Park and if you allow the process to run riot, you will not have to worry so much about it in the future, because you will have no teeth left to decay. In its infancy, tooth decay can be remedied by simply going along to your dentist and having a filling to stop the rot. But if the problem develops, the whole of the inside of the tooth will become infected, and you’ll know when this is because you will start to suffer pain as well. The only way out of this situation is to have root canal treatment in order to save the tooth; even then, you have halved the life of the tooth by allowing this to happen. Thankfully today, with the use of lasers, this treatment is a pretty, run-of-the-mill procedure, but it still sounds horrid. The tooth needs to be cleared of decay completely; this involves the removal of all the infected pulp inside the tooth. Once this is done, the nerves inside the roots have to come out as well so that the whole tooth is clean inside. The tooth is then disinfected and then filled; normally, this is followed up with the placement of a crown so that the size of the original tooth can be restored to protect your bite. Mulberry dental care can offer advice on this treatment as well as giving you tips on how to avoid it in the first place.


Mulberry Dental Care, Surbiton and the Inman Aligner

Some aligners and braces don’t half brag, don’t they? ‘Yes, this device will straighten this in a few months, this one will tweak that in a year’, blah, blah. But there is always one that will do exactly what it says in the blurb, in this case it’s the Inman aligner- the 6 week (!?!) wonder- if you don’t believe the hype behind this device, just make a call to Mulberry dental care and prepare to be shocked and enlightened. Yes this device, (although because of its design, it is limited to the front teeth in the mouth), can have your teeth straightened in as little as 6 weeks! How about that people of Surbiton? The unique way it pushes the teeth from the inside, whilst pulling them from the outside means that the teeth are always on the move, which means they loosen up and fall into place extremely fast and with the minimum of fuss. If you fit the program after a consultation, the device will be made especially for you and during the treatment, you can take it out to give your mouth some breathing space, making it very hygienic for your mouth and for cleaning your teeth. It isn’t that expensive either, but then, what price do you put on art? And if you have something important coming up in a couple of months and you finally want to be in the photo’s- smiling, this is the device for you friends.

Mulberry Offers You the Chance of Invisalign in Sunbury

We have a lot to thank America for when it comes to caring for your teeth, and one field that they excel in is the art of teeth straightening- they have a gadget for each oral condition, but probably one of the most radical creations ever to hit Sunbury is Invisalign. Think of all the bad things you can about braces, and then you have the complete opposite when it comes to this device. For a start, it works a lot faster than other braces and does an array of adjustments as it goes along. The other bonus to it is that it comes in the form of a clear gum-shield. The advantages here are twofold: being made from a completely clear plastic, it is almost impossible to detect when it is being worn; it is also removable, so you can take it out whenever it suits you, say for socialising, eating or just carrying out regular brushing and flossing, which makes this aligner very hygienic to wear indeed. If it has a couple of setbacks- it is more expensive than other treatments and unfortunately, this device doesn’t work for every set of teeth. Only by a consultation with your dentist or by getting in touch with Mulberry dental care can you ascertain whether or not this device will work on your teeth…but if it does, WOW!


Crowning Your Teeth in a Day in Shepperton with CEREC

Crowns are one of those fittings in the mouth that have evolved over the decades as new and more stronger materials have been found to make them from. But generally fitting them would have taken anywhere up to a month to fit, but oh, modern dentistry, don’t you just love it! In Shepperton right now is a style of treatment which can have you in and fitted with a new crown in under an hour- CEREC. It incorporates all that is brilliant about computers and digital imaging: when you go along for your treatment, your teeth will first be digitally x-rayed and images taken that will then flash up on a computer screen, along with an image of your new crown. The dentist will then feed the information into an engineering dream of a machine that will create your new crown out of a single block of zirconium based ceramic (extremely strong) in as little as 15 minutes, during which time you will be cleaned up and readied for your crown, which then done is fitted straight away. The beauty about this is that if there are any flaws in the crown or it is ill-fitting, it can be refined on the spot, as opposed to sending it away again. Mulberry dental care can help you make your choices and tell you where to go for treatment, but if you are in a rush, what better way to get your mouth sorted out- an hour!!


The Choice of a Dental Implant in Weybridge

At Mulberry dental care, they know all there is to know about dental implants, but in these modern times, it isn’t heavy, gruesome reading like it would have been a decade ago, because the procedure has become more refined as dental technology has improved. The theory has never changed: the process involves screwing a small titanium rod into the jawbone that will eventually house your new fitting. In bygone years, this would involve drills and scalpels and stitching, which meant that the healing afterwards could take almost 6 Months. Thanks to modern technology in the form of a laser, a small implant, in fact, many can be placed in a day and in the case of denture wearers, you are good to go. Lasers cause very little damage to the jawbone and the surrounding gum tissue, in fact, it fuses the wound as it cuts so the gums recover quickly. The beautiful thing about implants is they are the perfect replacement to the root of a tooth, more resistant to infection and once they are in, they’re there forever. They perfectly house single crowns, dental bridges or dentures and make tooth replacement comfortable and more importantly, affordable- especially if you have insurance or a price plan going with your dentist, so come on toothless people of Weybridge, embrace the dental implant and put the life back into your mouth.


The Famous Dental Bridge in Kingston-Upon-Thames

Many ideas and inventions can fall by the wayside, others re-invent themselves, and keep going and going. When it comes to dentistry, there is one that has been around for decades and looks as though it will for many more- the dental bridge. This has been by far the most popular choice in Kingston-upon-Thames to combat tooth loss over the years because it is simple to make, simple to fit, cheap and very durable. Taking in the health issues of losing a tooth or some teeth, other teeth in the mouth may move after the event, which can cause infection to set in and then you may lose more to gum disease or tooth decay, but by filling up the gap, the teeth will remain firmly in place. From a cosmetic point of view, filling in the hole can readdress the beauty of your smile that tooth loss can destroy. There are two general designs to bridges, the first is where teeth or a tooth have been lost between a row of other teeth, so to bridge the problem, two crowns that sit at the ends of the fitting are cemented onto the adjacent teeth that remain either side of the hole. This however, could be quite precarious in the past as the larger the gap the more unstable and fragile the bridge- that was until it was discovered that by using a mini-implant in the middle of the bridge could anchor it more stronger than ever before (the materials from which bridges are made these days are also more robust); the other type of bridge is one that attaches itself to a single tooth by wires and resin, usually to the rear of the mouth. Mulberry dental care can give you all the information you need to know about dental bridges.