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Importance of Oral Health for Children Coming from Weybridge

Starting an oral health routine of daily brushing should start in early childhood. Children should understand the importance of looking after their teeth and gums from an early age so that they can get into the routine of regular cleaning but also to be aware of the types of food and drink that can be harmful to their teeth. Children should start getting used to going to the dentist regularly so that it becomes a normal part of their life. Most dentists are extremely child friendly and make the experience fun, especially at the Mulberry Dental Clinic, which is conveniently located for patients from Weybridge.

Sweets and chocolate

Children love chocolate and sweets and fizzy drinks, that’s a given. Stopping children having these is pretty much impossible, so it is important that children look after their teeth after eating and drinking sugary things and as they grow older they may then understand the importance of a balanced diet. Making brush time fun often works, there are many novelty brushes with flashing lights and favourite characters to keep children entertained and excited to brush their teeth. But let’s face it, children, adults, we all love chocolate!

Options available

An option available at Mulberry Dental Care is a dental sealant which is generally used between the ages of 6-10. This coats the top of the teeth to prevent decay. They last for around 10 years and it is a great solution to stop children suffering tooth loss or decay at a young age. For more information speak to your Mulberry Dental care clinic.

Dental Options for Patients coming from the Surrey Area

There are many reasons we book an appointment at the dentist. It could be an irritating pain, an ache, and swelling or perhaps you want to improve the look of your teeth and smile. At the Mulberry Dental care clinic in Surrey we offer a wide range of dental surgeries from highly qualified dental surgeons.

Common procedures

The most common form of dental surgery that we commonly associate with surgery is tooth extraction. This is still a common problem due to tooth decay or injured teeth. Sometimes tooth extractions are needed to make room for other teeth. At the Mulberry Dental Care in Surrey we offer a range of treatments. These include dental implants which mimic the missing tooth canal and make dentures fit better and help the bone to grow where a tooth is missing.

Often during adolescent years the canines can become an issue. Surgery is regularly needed when canines grow in the wrong place and need help going to the correct part of the gum. Patients from Surrey and further afield can suffer this problem.

Root canal infections are also commonly treated using high tech methods of surgery filling the root and topping with a crown or filling using the very latest technology.

Scared of surgery?

The thought of any kind of surgery can make people tremble in their shoes with thoughts of scalpels, blood and ‘going under the surgeon’s knife’. But, at  Mulberry Dental Care we work only with the best dental surgeons to be found. They are all highly qualified and deal with every patient individually, carefully explaining each step of the treatment and helping with any anxiety or nerves. Surgery can correct many problems and leave you with a healthy mouth to be proud of.

Revolutionary Technology Brings Patients from Kingston-upon-Thames Effective White Fillings

Whilst fillings have become a regular part of our dentist appointments we tend to think of them as the dark silver, mercury filled type which look obvious in our mouths. They stand out and are far from discreet. The more we have, the more noticeable they often become.

Mulberry Dental Care offer a unique technology using white fillings for patients living near Kingston-upon-Thames and adjacent areas. Your Mulberry dentist has a large array of different shades of white so that the filling can match your teeth colour. The closer to your natural teeth colour the more discreet the white filling will look. The white fillings do not contain mercury or any metals which many patients prefer.


White fillings can sometimes be a little more difficult to apply to the teeth, but on the bright side less of the tooth needs to be removed than traditional metal fillings.

A local anaesthetic is given to the area around the teeth being filled and any decay or problem areas will be removed from the teeth. An innovative light technology is used in the procedure to both prepare the tooth when the filling is added and also during the setting phase of the treatment. The filling are then shaped and set in place.

Other reasons to choose white fillings

Having briefly touched upon how discreet the white fillings are, you can perhaps put them into the same category as invisible braces. When you open your mouth people will not be met by a mouth full of metal but a mouth that looks whiter than white. No one will be able to count your fillings (apart from your dentist) and you won’t feel self-conscious when smiling or laughing. What’s better is that after your white filling treatment you are able to continue your life as normal. Magic!

Patients from Shepperton Can Treat Teeth Grinding at Mulberry Dental Care

In the fast paced lifestyle many of us lead these days we can often suffer from stress and anxiety, multi-tasking, long working hours, balancing work and family life and the constant pressures of modern day living.

This can sometimes cause teeth grinding, often referred to as bruxism, where subconsciously we grind our teeth together. We often will do this during the night while we are asleep and be unaware that we are doing it until we are woken by our partner for being so noisy, or when we start to get painful symptoms linked with teeth grinding.

What symptoms can we look out for?

Symptoms that tooth grinding is occurring include sore jaw joints, often headaches and even earache. Teeth can become worn, more sensitive, chipped and in extreme cases, flattened. Your teeth will generally be more sensitive and painful. If you think you have any of these symptoms do go to see a dentist at Mulberry Dental Care who will be able to assess if you are suffering from this and give helpful advice on treatments to deal with it.

What treatments are available?

Mulberry Dental Care will first look at the wear and sensitivity of your teeth. In some cases, crowns and veneers can be broken. Also, wearing of the inside of the mouth is often a sign. Then the dentist will look at the root cause of the problem as this is the best way of treating the problem long term.

For minor problems a splint or mouth guard can be prescribed, which generally is worn at night to stop grinding of the teeth. Sometimes people grind their teeth during sporting activities, so again the mouth guard can be own during this time.

Sometimes dental treatment is needed to line up the teeth and correct a patients bite. Other treatments include therapy and medication depending on the cause of the problem. Patients from Shepperton and adjacent areas can benefit from this treatment.

Residents from the Worcester Park Area Know How to Save their Teeth

When it comes to saving teeth, it is of utmost importance that if you notice any pain or swelling in your mouth, jaw or face to get treatment ASAP. Mulberry Dental Care believes that fast and efficient treatment of infections is needed so that your teeth can be saved and your mouth healed. Root canal treatment is a safe and effective way of treating the infection.

What causes the infection?

Infections are caused by bacteria that live in the mouth managing to get into the root of the tooth. This can happen when there is tooth decay in the mouth, also when fillings leak and also when teeth are damaged by some kind of trauma such as a fall or any hard impact to the mouth.

Once the bacteria get through to the root canal they will then pass out of the end of the root canal leaving a pathway for bacteria to continue to pass down through the root.

The tissue around the canal often becomes red and swollen and extremely painful. Often this causes an abscess and the face can swell up cause a lot of discomfort and disrupt your everyday life. Not a pleasant occurrence.

How can an infection be treated?

At Mulberry Dental Care treating the infection is important, for patients from Worchester and other nearby areas. The bacteria will be removed from the root canal and the hole leading our of the root canal will be filled and sealed with a crown or a filling. A local anaesthetic is normally used and the root canal treatment is able then to save the tooth or teeth that suffered the infection. Result!

It is an extremely successful procedure using the latest disinfection technology and one has to admit, it is a better treatment than dealing with missing teeth as a result of canal infection. If good oral hygiene is then used on a regular basis the treated teeth can last another ten years.

Inman Aligner more Popular than Ever for Patients from the Surbiton Area

Many people are confused by the many different treatments on offer when it comes to finding a solution for misaligned teeth. One of the solutions on offer is a combination of the traditional metal brace and an invisible discreet brace called the Inman Aligner.

Why choose this brace?

The Inman Aligner is mainly used mainly for front teeth that are not aligned and uses power created by coiled springs on both sides of the teeth to squeeze them together. The main difference with this brace is that it provides extremely quick results, sometimes in as little as 6-8 weeks. So, if you are looking for an intense treatment this is the brace for you. It is also considerably cheaper than other invisible braces and you only wear one aligner for the entire treatment.

More benefits?

Like the Invisalign braces this brace is also removable so that you can take it out when you have your lunch, or have a coffee as well as when brushing and flossing. The speed of the results you can achieve are mainly dependant on how long you wear your Inman Aligner. If you choose to only wear it a few hours a day, results will take longer to achieve. It is recommended that you wear the brace for about 20 hours per day to get fast results. The only downside to this treatment is that the braces are not quite as discreet as Invisalign as they can be seen in your mouth, but if this doesn’t bother you and you are looking for a fast, effective method of straightening your teeth then this is the brace for you.

Mulberry Dental Care service will give patients from Surbiton and close by all the help and advice they need to make the right decision for their teeth.

A Clearer Way of Straightening Teeth for Patients from Sunbury

Remember when you were sixteen with obvious metal braces? Does the image bring back memories of the acute embarrassment you felt with big lumps of metal in your mouth? Imagine a perfectly straight set of teeth, a radiant smile and no embarrassing metal tracks in your mouth.

Well, imagine no more! Mulberry Dental Care offer teeth straightening the invisalign way using invisible braces custom made to fit individual patient’s mouths. The invisalign braces work to straighten and move crooked teeth discreetly.


Initially you will have a free consultation with a Mulberry dentist who will look at your teeth. Each patients needs are unique so the dentist will look at everyone individually.

Clear aligners are then custom made to fit your mouth using the very latest computer technology.


Aligners are usually worn on one set of teeth at a time for around two weeks so that teeth move little by little. You will have moulds and x-rays so that the invisalign braces are fitted exactly for your teeth. They will not interrupt your normal routine as you take them out when you eat, drink, brush and floss. Treatment can last for around 9-15 months until teeth are in the final position you and your dentist are happy with.

Who would benefit from the Invisalign procedure?

Anyone from Sunbury or nearby areas who suffers from their teeth being too close together or has too many teeth would find this procedure would work well. Also, if your front teeth are sticking out, you have gaps in your teeth or lack of alignment on your top and bottom teeth, the invisalign method would work well for you.

Why Invisalign?

It is a convenient treatment as you can still lead a normal lifestyle and it is invisible so therefore discreet. It is more comfortable than regular metal braces and as there are no metal wires or bands pulling and causing pain to your teeth.

Crowned in a Day for Patients from Shepperton

A revolutionary new system of dental crowning is being used by Mulberry Dental Care. No longer do you have to spend lots of time in and out of your local dentist having a crown or veneer procedure. Appointments build up, you wait for your crown at the laboratory and you feel like you are spending half your life in the dentist waiting room, you have even named the fish.

Now with the CEREC restorative procedure, available for dental patients from Shepperton and across the UK, you can be in and out in a single visit with permanent ceramic crowns fitted all in one day.

How does it work?

CEREC technology means that a 3D studio will create and design your crowns while you wait. Normally having new crowns means a lot of injections, impressions and lots of waiting. There are stages you have to go through which inevitably mean a lot of time spent at the dentist. This is why CEREC is so revolutionary. It is fast, efficient and patient-friendly, leaving you free to enjoy your spare time out of the dentist’s surgery!

The ceramic works in harmony with your natural tooth structure and provides flexibility like your natural tooth so that when you have different temperatures of food the crowns are less likely to crack.

Chemicals are used to bond the crown to your teeth so that your dentist can save as much of your original tooth as possible. You only need one injection and the end result of your crown is down to your dentist rather than someone in a laboratory who has never even seen the patient. You are guaranteed a crown to work in harmony with the rest of your teeth with colour matching and unique 3D design.

Patients from Weybridge Welcome Long-term Missing Tooth Solution

These days there are many dental procedures offering a solution to missing teeth. It is often difficult to decide which solution is best for you. The best way of deciding is to get as much information on different procedures as possible, decide what you want from your treatment and getting advice and help from a Mulberry Dental Care practitioner.

One solution to missing teeth for patients from Weybridge and further afield is dental implants and as the term ‘implant’ suggests, the treatment involves inserting a fake root made from titanium into your jaw. This may sound scary but it is a common and effective treatment and offers a long term solution to missing teeth.

The insertion of the fake root which is a cylinder shape can usually be done at the same time as the tooth removed to cut down on procedures needed. When a person loses a tooth the bone that surrounded the root will often crumble away which can affect the shape and look of the jaw area. Dental implants trigger bone growth which ultimately will fuse together with the false root over time.

Dental implants also form a strong foundation for dentures, so no more lose dentures or worrying about food you can eat. Often with dentures alone it can be difficult to eat hard foods but the implants provide support so you can eat whatever you like. There are no special methods of aftercare that you need to follow unlike some other dental procedures, maintaining a regular oral hygiene routine should be sufficient.


The procedure depends largely on individual patients but normally a local anaesthetic or sedation is involved. The procedure can be done in stages leaving time for the jaw and mouth to heal between stages of the treatment. If you are considering dental implants call Mulberry Dental Care who will provide advice and support.

A New Kind Of Bridge on the Thames for Patients from Kingston-upon-Thames!

We have all had the awful experience of biting down on our favourite snack only to find a tooth or part of a tooth stuck in the snack! It is a common fact that many of us will lose a tooth or teeth at some point in our adult life for whatever reason. Some of us try and forget about it, especially if it isn’t particularly noticeable thinking it doesn’t matter and there will be no consequences.

What are the problems associated with missing teeth?

Unfortunately not replacing missing teeth can cause many problems to your oral hygiene. A missing tooth can affect your bite, putting more strain on other teeth. Also, with big gaps in your teeth there is more chance of food getting stuck there which breeds bacteria, gum disease and is therefore dangerous for your dental health.

Missing teeth can also affect your facial appearance such as your smile and the shape of your facial features. It can also affect how you speak. So, what can we do to stop these problems occurring?

Solution to missing teeth

Dental bridges offered by Mulberry Dental Care for patients from Kingston-upon-Thames and other nearby areas work to replace missing teeth using the teeth on either side of the missing tooth to anchor a false tooth in place creating a sort of bridge effect. The two teeth are crowned to offer maximum support.

Normally, two appointments are required and a mild anaesthetic is used for the procedure. The dental bridges should last between 10-15 years as long as you maintain a good routine of brushing and flossing on a daily basis.

There are three types of bridges and your Mulberry dentist will be able to decide which is best for you, looking at which tooth or teeth need replacing. The false teeth can be made of porcelain, porcelain and metal, or gold. After having porcelain veneers you won’t be able to stop smiling!