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Mulberry Dental Care can Help Fill in Lost Tooth Gaps for Patients from Kingston-upon-Thames

If you happen to go through the experience of losing a tooth, it can initially leave you in a state of shock.

At first you may not know what to do about replacing your missing tooth, but that’s why we have dentists and Mulberry dental care is on hand for patients from Kingston-upon-Thames and neighbouring areas who are in need of dental restoration.

For some people it isn’t a problem, there isn’t an issue of how it looks cosmetically, in fact, it can look quite ‘tough and ready’. But problem of vanity isn’t the question here, the future health of your teeth and gums is.

Losing a tooth can have a knock-on effect in your mouth, as teeth can move and infection can spread. The real solution to both cosmetic problems and your long-term oral health is to fill in the gap left by a lost tooth and one of the most popular methods is to have a dental bridge.

In simple terms a dental bridge means having ‘new’ artificial teeth bonded to the opposing teeth left at either side of the gap. In some cases this means a combination of wires from the new fitting being wrapped around the surrounding teeth and then bonded with resin. If the tooth or teeth have been lost in the middle of a row, the new teeth are bonded onto two crowns and then cemented over the original, adjacent teeth.

The procedure is easy to do and durable as well- lasting up to a good 20 years with care and affection.

Patients from Molesey Receive a Helping Hand in Their Choice of Dental Crowns at Mulberry Dental Care

The wonderful thing about Mulberry dental care is that it has the answers to all of the dental queries of patients from Molesey and nearby vicinities, especially when it comes to the delicate subject of teeth reconstruction.

If you have suffered with serious dental decay and have had to have a root canal treatment, you will have to have a crown fitted in order to reinstate the strength and size of the tooth. This will protect your bit and, of course, keep your smile looking pretty.

The most common crowns are made from porcelain and porcelain-over-metal. Both look attractive in the mouth, although the latter is designed more for strength, but the real show off/trendy option is to have a crown constructed from gold. This has enormous strength, whilst bringing a very youthful, ‘in’ look to your smile.

Your dentist will also help you make an informed decision, which will help restore the strength and appearance of your smile.

Patients from Kingston-upon-Thames Opt for Porcelain Veneers with Mulberry Dental Care

So, what is the best way to turn back the clock and get the best treatment you can to make your teeth look youthful again for patients from Kingston-upon-Thames and nearby areas?

This may depend on the current state of your teeth, but one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments right now are porcelain veneers.

Before you choose veneers sit down and give your teeth the ‘once over’ and analyze how tired they have become. Are they cracked, chipped or worn down? Have gaps started to form between them and have the gums started to recede? If the answer is yes to these questions, then you should opt for porcelain veneers, which will hide all of these problems and on top of that they will make your smile look absolutely gorgeous.

Porcelain is a remarkable material, with a lovely, elegant sheen, so just imagine how that will look in your mouth- and it’s no fuss to have done either.

Once your teeth have been prepared and the fittings made, they are simply bonded onto your teeth, covering up the tired worn teeth beneath to complete rejuvenate your smile.

Veneers are a remarkable treatment and if you take care with them they will last you a good 15 years of happy smiles.

Tantalising Teeth Whitening from Mulberry Dental Care Around Surrey

They’re everywhere you go- people with lovely white teeth; in magazines, on TV and in the movies, but there is no reason why you can’t have the same bright white smile too.

Mulberry dental care can offer you all the advice to need to get your teeth into shape and brighten your smile by several shades.

In the shops you can find a massive collection of treatments to take home and whiten your teeth with, from pens and brushes to whitening kits, but if you haven’t had much success with over the counter produces, your dentist is the best person to visit, as only they have the skill to use the very best teeth whitening treatments.

Laser whitening treatment is one of the most innovative whitening procedures available, which you can have in many dental surgeries in Surrey. Laser whitening is cost effective, fast and painless and are a good option for most people.

You can also take your dentists standard whitening home with you, with kits and guidance from dentist to help you whiten your teeth over the course of a few weeks. Generally all of these options have clout and work in their own way and between you and your dentist, you can come up with a plan that suits you.

Mulberry Dental Care Offers Captivating Cosmetic Dentistry for Patients from Shepperton and the Surrounding Areas

So what do fancy having done to put that smile back on your face? If you’re looking for advice on changing your smile, then look no further than Mulberry Dental, who can offer you all the advice you need.

Stand back and have a look at yourself in the mirror and see what you don’t like about your teeth. If they just look a little tired then you could start by whitening your teeth with some laser treatment at the practice or using a bespoke home treatment.

However, if your teeth and gums have suffered from the effect of excesses over the years, some veneers or dental bonding may do a better job for you. Of course, if you have also lost some teeth as well, you could plug up the holes with a partial denture, a dental bridge or even have dental implants.

You’ve sorted out your smile, why not treat yourself to a rejuvenated face to go with it? A little Botox or Dermal Filler could put the icing on the cake of a truly stunning Smile Makeover. Cosmetic dentistry can turn back the clock by a good 20 years and makes patients from Shepperton and bordering areas look their very best.