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New ways to new Teeth in Shepperton

Where do you start with cosmetic dentistry these days? It has become a whole new genre of its own in the dental world and boy, it is fantastic! We have moved on from just ensuring our teeth are healthy, we want them looking healthy too so that we can at least feel and look like a model or film star, even if we aren’t, and what a choice we have in Shepperton. To start at whitening: if your teeth are in reasonable shape and healthy, getting your teeth bleached might be all you need to get them into shape. From toothpastes, pens, brushes, home DIY kits, through to laser whitening, you have some incredible choices. Then we take it up a notch because if your teeth have taken a bit of a battering over the years, then a veneer or some cosmetic bonding may be the way forward for you to cover up all of your problems such as cracks and gaps- and speaking of gaps, we finally move into the world of tooth replacement. This can be necessary to maintain the health of your mouth, but more importantly, to make you look pretty again! Dental implants and bridges are the best methods by which to plug a hole and restore a full set of teeth to your mouth again. There is a wonderful world of dentistry out there just to make sure you feel wonderful, so get yourself to your dentist and find the best option to make you young again.

Cosmetically bonding one’s Teeth in Surbiton

There are many ways to fill up those ageing cracks, gaps and discolored teeth in Surbiton but there is none more versatile, durable, fast and cheaper method than cosmetic bonding and it proves just how important we consider cosmetic dentistry is to us these days- we don’t just want our teeth to stay in our mouths, but we want them to look good while they are there. Sometimes a touch-up is good enough to get our teeth back into shape and this is where cosmetic bonding comes into its own. The first thing your dentist will do is take a color code of your teeth so that the resin can be mixed to match the rest of your teeth and then after a quick clean, the first layer of resin will be applied to the surface of the tooth and then ‘cured’. This will be done several times until there is enough resin for the dentist to work with and when there is, your tooth will be sculptured to the desired shape and then polished…and that is essentially all there is to it. And this can all be done in as little as an hour. If you have problems with it at any time, it is easily rectified by just touching up the resin again and then having it polished once more. It is this flexibility of being able to repair any altercations quickly that sets bonding aside from of similar treatments.

Simply CEREC in Sunbury

There are some dental treatments that have that ‘wow’ factor and capture the imagination of the patient and in Sunbury’s world of cosmetic dentistry, there is nothing like getting a dental makeover and put that ‘wow’ back into your mouth. But now hold onto your hats, because even in this department, the world of dentistry has cranked it up a gear by giving us CEREC. Some of the best restoration work to the mouth comes in the form of veneers, bridges and crowns and have proved over and over again their durability and beauty. However, the whole treatment cycle could take up to a few weeks, your parts having to be made in a lab miles away, a bit like a Jumbo-jet flying the Atlantic, but for the impatient amongst us who want to fly Concorde then CEREC is for you because you can get these treatments done in an hour and a half- max! Yes, while you sit in the chair and have pretty pictures taken of your treatment area, these will be fed into a computer and then into an in-house milling machine and while your fitting is being made, you will prepared. Then you are fitted and off you go and the good thing about this is that if there is a problem, it can be rectified there and then, and if you look at the costs involved, it is pretty comparable to the older ways…WOW!

Getting cracking Braces in Weybridge

So the day you have been dreading has arrived in Weybridge, the day you learn that you have to wear braces. Now before you go into a panic and throw a strop, you should first find out exactly what is you need doing and then look at the devices on the market right now, because the art of tooth alignment has spread its wings and branched out- it’s no longer all oil rigs and scaffolding in the mouth anymore, it has become a very refined treatment, mainly because the style of braces and aligners have developed tremendously. For example, some of the clear, ‘invisible’ aligners such an Invisalign, work so quickly, can be removed at anytime and are barely visible in the mouth. And this is where tooth alignment has moved on- discretion for the wearer and speed. Other removable aligners such the Inman can work within 6 weeks! The 6 Months Smile does the work in exactly that time with discretion as well. The old style of brace is still around though and that is for a reason- they are efficient and cater for severely complex work. In all, there are lots of ways to get your teeth straightened, some expensive, others not so, so you should sit down with your dentist and go through the options and choose what is right for you.

It only takes 6 Months to smile again in Molesey

What a person really wants to know when they find out they have to wear braces is ‘how long will it take and how ugly will I look’ and for some people that is an important factor as on average, the treatment can last for up to a couple of years and braces don’t have a reputation of looking pretty either. But they work damn well so just say you could retain their efficiency but shave time off the treatment whilst avoiding looking like an electricity pylon in the process- you’d go for that eh? Well, in Molesey right now is a device which ticks all the boxes- the 6 Months Smile. Steeped in the tradition of the braces we all are familiar with, this device takes on all those principles and brings them up to date. Once it is fitted, it is constantly being adjusted by your dentist so that your teeth move quickly. Okay, it is a fixed brace and you have to be attentive when cleaning it, but the beauty of this device is two-fold. Firstly it does the treatment in 6 months, which for all of us is a godsend, but whilst fixing your teeth, it will do it discreetly. The device is made from tooth colored ceramic plates which are placed on the surfaces of the offending teeth and joined together by a thin discreet wire which is attached to the teeth at the back of the mouth. Overall, it is difficult to detect in the mouth and for what it costs, it is an absolute delight.