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The intimate Inman Aligner comes to Sunbury

So people of Sunbury, do your teeth feel the need for speed, that is, in the sense of alignment? Well you can now get the super quick Inman aligner fitted that can straighten out those rabbit looking teeth at the front as quickly as 6 weeks! Amazing thought eh? Finally, you can get the problem off your back with the minimal of fuss. The reason it works so fast is that it keeps the teeth on the go at all times by rocking them back and forth until they fall into place. This is achieved by a wire on the outside of the teeth that is attached, via a coiled spring to a bar on the inside of the teeth so that the two are at opposing forces. The added bonus to this device is that it can be removed for cleaning purposes or for eating. Once your teeth have been rocked into position, you will have to use a retainer at nights for a while until the teeth have lost the will to spring back into place. Now not only do you get all this, the costs comes in at around £1200- that’s about £200 per week, but it is a hell of a lot cheaper than other aligners and 6 WEEKS?!? Come on, that’s a steal to remove the irritation you may have gone through most of your life!

Lush your smile in Kingston-upon-Thames with Lumineers

There are different types of cosmetic treatments around Kingston-upon-Thames that suit different people, but if you are one of those that is always on the move and need to look at your best at all times, you need to have your teeth looking at their best at all times and if something goes wrong, you will need a quick fix to get your teeth back on track. Lumineers fall perfectly into this bracket and can restore the sheen to your smile. They are an extremely thin patented-porcelain veneer that cover the surface of the tooth and hide things in a hurry. Preparation involves taking a mould of your teeth and then waiting until the lumineers have been made. Now in most cases this could take a while, but combine the lumineer with CEREC and you could be in and out in an hour because they can be made on the spot. And then, they are simply glued onto the surface of your teeth and away you go. Although they have a throw away quality to them as they have a short life span in the scheme of all cosmetic things dental-wise, but they are quite robust when fitted and the treatment can be reversed- unlike porcelain veneers.

Wake up and be enlightened in Surbiton

There are many promises attached to teeth whitening processes today in Surbiton and also so many to choose from as well and it can be a little hard to choose one that gets you the best results. But if you do your research and surf the internet, you will find that the darling of teeth whitening at home right now and that has got the dental world excited as well, is the Enlighten Tooth Whitening program. If your teeth cut the mustard and are healthy, your dentist will measure you up for two bespoke bleaching trays that fit air-tight around your teeth. When you get them, you will embark on a 14 night treatment in your home. Just before you sleep at night, you fill the trays with the bleaching agent and pop them into your mouth; in the morning you take them out again and clean them in readiness for the next night…and so on. During this time you must refrain from smoking and staining foods and drinks, whilst backing up the treatment by brushing with whitening toothpaste. Once the course is complete, you return to the dentists for a laser blast and you walk out of the surgery with teeth that have been likened to that of porcelain. Now that’s teeth whitening!

The Digital X-ray in Weybridge

One of the great things about ongoing technology in health care has come with being able to diagnose things quickly so that problems can be dealt with immediately, and if you are shall we say, in your forties, you may have noticed when you have popped into a dentists in Weybridge of late that when they have taken an X-ray of your teeth, you’re not waiting a couple of weeks for the results- they have the results to hand pretty much straight away. This is all down to the digital X-ray; the procedure still feels the same yet within seconds, an image is posted up on a computer screen. This allows a rapid diagnosis to be made and allows treatment to begin immediately. Digital X-rays can be stored easily and cross referenced with old-style X-rays too. But if we remain with the speed element, if your treatment is beyond the realms of your dentist, you are no longer at the mercy of the post, as your images can be sent to a specialist via an e-mail, again, for instant diagnosis and again, for immediate treatment. Revolutionizing this way of diagnosis means that as a patient, you no longer have to sit around watching your teeth get worse until the results come in.

Dashing Dentures in Surbiton

About 20 years ago, you would never have thought bout putting the word ‘dashing’ and ‘dentures’ in the same sentence, just ask anyone from those years who had to endure them, but time and technology has seen a new generation of dentures emerge that has indeed made them dashing and exciting too in Surbiton. And the dentists aren’t that bad either now; as opposed to pulling all of your teeth back then at the merest hint of a crisis, dentists today prefer to save as many of your teeth they can to wrap your dentures around when rebuilding your mouth. Partial dentures can lock more strongly around remaining teeth to keep them in place, but this isn’t just the advantages modern dentures have to offer, it’s what they are made from and how they look that have made them better to wear than ever before. Partial and full dentures are manufactured from softer more natural looking materials than adhere to the mouth better, avoiding the embarrassment of them falling out. New Fixodent’s have transformed this adhesion too, but the ultimate sensation for the wearer has come from the arrival of mini-implants that lock the dentures firmly into place to the point that you could chew your way through a log.

Perfect Porcelain in your mouth in Kingston-upon-Thames

As the saying goes, there are many ways to skin a cat, as there are to make your teeth beautiful. But there is only one really beautiful way you can cover up the ageing process of your teeth in Kingston-upon-Thamesand that is to opt for a porcelain veneer. Ageing can help promote discoloration, the receding of gums, cracks, gaps and chips; you can even start to lose the length of your teeth through wear and tear. Now if you want hide all these things and restore the original beauty to your smile, there is no better material than porcelain. A wafer thin veneer looks a terribly fragile thing when it sits in the hand, but once your teeth have been prepared and the veneers have been cemented into place, they become extremely strong and durable, lasting up to 20 years if you care for them and treat them with respect. But the real joy you get from them is the way they look so natural in the mouth and just how flabbergasted with elation you will feel when you first smile in the mirror. Now if you feel that way, just imagine how impressed others will feel around you, and after all that’s the whole point isn’t it, exuding confidence to everyone you meet?

Dashing Dental Implants in Sunbury

If you are a little squeamish, especially about any dental procedures in Sunbury, you may find the idea of having a dental implant fitted into your mouth heavy reading, but make sure you are on the right page before you dismiss this treatment because implant treatment has become far more refined and sophisticated as the technology surrounding it has moved on. Yes, the idea or having a titanium spike screwed into the jaw does sound a little gruesome, but if you read up on it, you’ll be happy to find that this treatment has become as easy as having a filling. Keyhole laser surgery has meant that an implant can be located with the utmost precision and with the minimal amount of damage to the surrounding gum tissue meaning that your mouth recovers quickly. But the real advantage of having this done is that once the implant is in, it is as strong as your old root and once this is in- pretty much for life, you can use it to attach a new crown to, a bridge or to help keep your dentures locked into. You may also be surprised to find that this treatment has become reasonably priced, because it has become widespread. It has become the more preferred alternative to tooth loss.

Weybridge and everyday Oral Hygiene

So what is your oral hygiene program in sleepy old Weybridge? Are you doing the right thing, using the right stuff? Well you will find out from your dentist soon enough when you next visit and you are having the odd filling and some pretty harsh cleaning and polishing done because this should be a sign in itself that you are doing something wrong, and while you are there, you should ask your dentist what you are doing wrong and pick up a few new tips. Oral hygiene starts with your brush and if you get the right one from the off, you will be on your way to healthy teeth: shop around and be patient until you get the right one. Then, there are the toothpastes to choose from and again it can be a bit of ‘try it and see’ before you get it right. But this is not enough anymore, so you need to floss as well to remove food and stuff from the places your toothbrush can’t get to; tiny inter-dental, hand held brushes are also good for this. And finally when you rinse, rinse with a fine mouthwash as well as some of these are great for killing any left over bacteria. Persevere and you will manage to keep your teeth wonderfully healthy and avoid any unnecessary problems that plaque could lead to in the future.

Kicking out your Dental Phobia in Surbiton

If you suffer from some form of dental phobia, you can rest assured that you are not the only one in Surbiton going through this crisis as in some way, going to the dentists affects around 70% of us in some way. That however doesn’t help you get the treatment you need and the longer you avoid the dentists, the more your teeth will fall into disrepair and make things worse for you. Facing up to this problem will be difficult at first, but do it you must and your dentist should be the first person to consult. Dentists are trained to understand all about dental phobias and fears in their patients and can advise you in which direction to go. Just by walking into the surgery is a good start and whilst you’re there, you should immerse yourself in all of the latest technology your dentist has at hand to make your treatments painless. You should learn all you can about your treatments and then all about the sedation techniques available to you. The more you learn, the more you will develop a position of power over your dentist to choose the route you want to go down. There is no need to rush into this but if your teeth are suffering badly, it is imperative you overcome your phobias quickly and get the health care for your teeth that you need.

Dandy Dental Check-ups in Molesey

We strive to keep our teeth healthy in our Molesey homes with all of the amazing products around. But in doing so, we shouldn’t get complacent about how well we are doing either: we don’t have all of the equipment to check deep within at home so it is vitally important that we ensure we visit the dentist at least a couple of times each year to get a thorough MOT. Dentists have an objective to look after you and ensure you don’t fall foul of evils such as plaque, tooth decay and gum disease- and unlike you, they do have the tools to get right inside your mouth. A digital X-ray can tell immediately if something is going wrong in your mouth and if something like a bit of tooth decay has shown up, it can be sorted out quickly with a filling. They will check the health of your gums and again, if you are having problems, give you a good clean and advise you how to care for them. They will remove any build up of tartar around the teeth and then send you on your way refreshed and dandy. But they will also be there for you if something serious goes wrong. All the more reason you should make your dentist your new best friend if you want to keep the teeth in your mouth.