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Weybridge dentists enthuse about the robust effectiveness of braces

Sometimes the butt of unfair stereotyping associated with the awkwardness of teenage years, braces are an extremely effective way of straightening out teeth which are crooked, misaligned, over crowded or subject to spacing issues. Indeed, despite the profusion of alternative methods of rectifying minor alignment issues, there is no better way of dealing with the multitude of problems that can affect the straightness of teeth, in one fell swoop.

Braces work on the principle that, over time, the position of your teeth can be gently but permanently adjusted if they can be pushed into pulled into their optimum places. To do this, dentists can attach metal brackets to your teeth and then thread wires through these brackets. By adjusting the tension in these wires at regular appointments, your dentist can pull your teeth around your mouth so that they are better placed.

It is no secret that some people find it a little difficult to cope with their appearance when there is so much metal in their mouth. This can be compounded by the fact that treatment times with braces can be quite long. The two years which is sometimes quoted as the possible length of time one has to wear a brace for is only applicable to those who are having a great deal of work done in their mouth. Many, many minor cases will be treated more quickly.

Your Weybridge dentist will have fitted a great many braces in his or her time and so you can go and ask for advice if you are considering the treatment. Once the process has been completed, you can look forward to all the benefits of having a perfectly straightened smile.


Shepperton dentists offer a great array of cosmetic dentistry to improve the look of patients’ smiles

In some ways, the division between cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry represents a false dichotomy. The idea that cosmetic dentistry is purely concerned with the aesthetic appearance of patients and that general dentistry with the health of teeth is not an entirely accurate way of representing things because cosmetic dentistry wok can bring health benefits and general dentistry often enhances the look of smiles too.

Nonetheless, cosmetic dentistry procedures are the following things and more: porcelain dental veneers, teeth whitening and braces. As already states, these processes are primarily concerned with the look of your teeth. If teeth are stained or crooked then you might not feel as confident as you could otherwise. Teeth whitening procedures are now incredibly quick and can produce incredible results. Similarly, there are great ways to get your teeth straightened out now which don’t necessarily involve metal braces.

Technology in dental surgeries can allow some of these procedures to be carried out with some speed, without a consequent rise in the cost that you must pay. In any case, many dental surgeries offer negotiable repayment plans that can be sorted out so that you, the patient, can spread the cost of the treatment over a period of time.

Many of these cosmetic procedures have benefits to the health of your teeth too. Getting your teeth straightened not only improves your appearance but contributes to decreasing your chances of suffering from bruxism (nocturnal teeth grinding) and cavity formation amongst teeth which are too bunched up and not easily cleansed of plaque. Your dentist in Shepperton will be happy to talk to you about cosmetic dentistry and the many ways that it can improve the look and health of your smile.


Dentists in Surbiton use cosmetic bonding to fill cavities and patients are gratified with the results

If cavities should develop in your mouth then they will have to be dealt with. Of course it is best to try and avoid them in the first place but if they take hold then your dentist will need to fill them up. Cavities occur when plaque is allowed to stay on teeth for such a time that they erode the enamel and create holes. In order that the tooth won’t carry on decaying and become useless, dentists fill the holes up.

Traditionally it was always metal that was used for filling cavities. People of a certain generation will be familiar with the sight of black spots in peoples’ smiles where cavities have been filled using this method. It was always a slightly problematic way of doing it though because using metal for such a purpose doesn’t allow dentists to be as precise as they would like to be and sometimes the fillings would fail.

Dentists tend to fill cavities in a different way know. Cosmetic bonding is the new way that dentists carry out this essential work these days. Instead of struggling with metal, dentists can utilise cosmetic bonding that is involves a far more malleable combinations of materials. The results are far more successful in general because of the greater accuracy afforded to the dentists’ work. An added bonus is that cosmetic bonding yields tooth coloured fillings that are much better to look at.

Speak to your Surbiton dentist if you are suffering from cavities and are interested in cosmetic bonding. Many people are even having their old metal fillings replaced by the stunning, white fillings of cosmetic bonding.


Using CEREC techniques is a great way to speed up common dental practices, say dentists in Sunbury

Dental surgeries all over the United Kingdom are being improved through the infiltration of new technology. The benefits that this brings to patients are something that many people are getting a great deal of satisfaction from. The use of digital techniques is allowing patients to be in and out of the surgery quicker than ever and they find that common dental practices are a great deal quicker than they used to be.

CEREC is the commonly used name for practices that employ digital and internet techniques in dentistry. The most significant way this is affecting dentistry is in the way that traditional x-rays are being phased out of use in many practices. The traditional x-ray is flat and displays images in only two dimensions. What’s more, these useful but flawed images have to be sent off and developed in specialist labs, adding to the cost and increasing the overall time that treatments take.

Digital x-rays used in CEREC-driven treatments yield images that are presented in three dimensions and navigable on a computer screen. This means that only one image needs to be taken and it can then be used in conjunction with internet technology, giving practice an efficient edge.

A good example of how CEREC techniques are changing dentistry is when it is used in the process of fitting porcelain dental veneers or porcelain dental crowns. Many dental surgeries, including some in Sunbury, now have so-called ‘online milling machines’ which are hooked up to the internet and can construct crowns or veneers in a matter of minutes when the data from digital x-rays is fed into them.


Find out more about the incredible Six Months Smile treatment: available from dentists in Molesey

For patients considering getting their teeth straightened out, there is a relatively new option available that avoids some of the pitfalls associated with the traditional metal brace but retains many of its effective practices. It’s called Six Months Smile and is available from many dentists in the United Kingdom.

Six Months Smile can be used to correct most alignment issues that can afflict the mouth. Rotating teeth is not possible with Six Months Smile but the programme can sort out alignment issues, overcrowding and make sure that teeth are spaced out in a more effective fashion.

Like traditional braces, Six Months Smile uses brackets and wires but they are not the same unsightly metal colour. Instead, Six Months Smile uses a material that is the same colour as teeth. This is a major advantage over the traditional method because many patients found it extremely difficult to deal with the change in their appearance that was brooked by having a mouth full of metal.

Perhaps the proudest boast of the Six Months Smile treatment concerns the amount of time it takes. Traditional metal braces often need to be worn for several years but Six Months Smile can better that. As the name might suggest, the Six Months Smile treatment has an average treatment time of just half a year and is attracting many new adherents.

Straightening out your teeth is not just a matter of improving your appearance. You are less likely to suffer from bruxism and will bypass the possibility of developing cavities in teeth which are overcrowded. The next time you go and see your dentist in Molesey, ask them about Six Months Smile.