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The benefits of Cosmetic Bonding in Surbiton

If you feel your mouth could do with a bit of touching up in Surbiton, quickly and cheaply, then have a quick glance a cosmetic bonding. It incorporates modern resins that are molded and then heat cured to your teeth and then highly polished to hide a myriad of sins on the teeth. Our teeth, by the very nature of this fast paced world, have to put up with a lot of harsh treatment and in time, it takes its toll- they get ugly. They can start to discolor, gaps can start to appear, may even get a chip. Bonding has the short fix answer to this- it can even replace those ugly metallic fillings that have a spiteful habit of discoloring the teeth too. In a single visit, you can get the ‘touch-up’ your teeth need to get them back to normal. Totally pain-less, the dentist will simply sculpture the resin onto the tooth to restore it to how it once was, leaving your teeth looking rejuvenated and fresh. And the beauty of this treatment is that it doesn’t involve damaging the natural enamel of the tooth like, say, veneers, it’s a simple ‘paint on’ procedure. In comparison to other cosmetic alternatives- it’s far cheaper too. So before your get caught up in the media hype of other cosmetic treatments, you may only need a little bit of bonding to make you feel special again!

The Range of Braces on offer in Weybridge

Having to have braces is one thing in Weybridge, choosing the one to suit you is another. Then to cap it off, you need to find and orthodontist that suits you to do it! Tricky! The thing is this is an important decision so it shouldn’t be rushed. You should always do some research on what’s available and make sure you go armed to the dentist with lots of questions and if you’re not happy, find another until you are happy with your choice. A word of warning here- try to find one close by, because unless you have the luxury to travel, you are going to have a lot of appointments to check the progress of your treatment. Then of course, what treatment you want comes down to two things- vanity and cost. There are many discreet aligners and braces on the market. Invisalign for example, is a clear, nay, almost invisible aligner, that is removable and work faster than others- which is great if you can’t bear the thought of being mocked, especially at school, but it’s more expensive and may not suit the work you require. On the other end of the scale, braces can look like railway tracks in the mouth and are often fixed for the duration, which can be a couple of years- that needs to be taken into consideration. You have some that can work in six weeks, others in six months. Just make sure you do your homework, find out what work you need doing and then find out what you can afford.

The Importance of Dental Check-ups in Molesey

Some people in Molesey still live under the illusion that dentists are put of this earth to inflict pain- they’re not. A dentist’s prime directive is to look after your teeth and if you miss a regular check-up, you do so at your peril for things can get out of hand in your mouth pretty quickly if left unchecked. The point of a check-up is to firstly check your mouth for any signs of decay or gum disease and that your teeth are in good health; if there are any problems, they will rectify them. Then they will remove any buildup of plaque and tartar and then clean your teeth. But you should also see your dentist as your confidant and confide in them like you would your doctor. Seeing your dentist is a good time to discuss oral hygiene and maybe, talk to them about any problems you have; you can even discuss the options of cosmetic dentistry. Remember, your dentist knows as much about your mouth as you do and they can build up a history of your mouth and teeth, that will make treatments easier to diagnose and carry out (for them and for you), in the future. Failure to get your teeth checked out can also lead to serious issues arising in your mouth, and by going unchecked, can be very costly to rectify in the long run.

Instant Teeth Repairs with CEREC in Sunbury

If you wonder where the future of modern cosmetic dentistry lies in Sunbury, just take a look at CEREC. If you’re in need of a bridge, white fillings, a crown or a veneer, traditionally, that would be a 2-3 week procedure, simply because the moulds taken of your mouth would have to be sent away for manufacture, but CEREC incorporates everything new in dentistry. When you walk in for the treatment, firstly, digital images are taken of your mouth and fed into a computer, which in turn is fed into a milling machine that makes your new fitting on site to the shade that suits your mouth. This process allows your dentist to get your teeth ready for your fitting. The major benefit is that any ‘tweaking’ or adjustments to the fitting can be also done there and then- in one visit! Essentially, what this treatment offers is complete restoration to your teeth in as little as an hour and a half. Now if you’re a person on the go, always busy, but also always need to look good at all time, this treatment is a godsend. It’s getting popular, so prices are tumbling, making it as comparable to traditional ways of fixing your teeth, but without the wait!

The ‘6 Months Smile’ is here in Molesey!

There’s no doubt that the thought of wearing braces on the teeth can strike fear to the hearts of most people in Molesey, especially the more ‘mature’ of us. But whether or not you consider yourself too old for lengthy procedures in the mouth, there is one thing for sure, those odd, annoying teeth will not fix themselves and will, if you’re honest, always nag away at you. But God bless America! Yep, they’ve got the answers to everything wonky in the mouth, and the 6 months smile is a beauty. It’s not designed to do major occlusion work the mouth, it’s put in to make you look pretty again, and quickly too, getting those irritating teeth into place. Once suitable and signed up, your teeth are prepped for movement; in some extreme cases this may involve the removal of a tooth, but normally just a bit strong polishing will do the trick. Then you are fitted with a tooth colored brace- great for discretion, and that is regularly adjusted by your dentist. Working on only the ‘showy’ teeth, it does what it says in the title. It will require a little more work to clean, however, it doesn’t affect your chewing or your speech and anyway, it’s only in there for 6 months and no more nagging teeth …give it a serious look!