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Sunbury dentists delight patients with the results of effective and discreet Inman aligners

Having crooked and misaligned teeth is a common complaint in the United Kingdom. Not only does it make your smile not look as good as it can do, it can also have implications for the health of your mouth. If your teeth are not aligned correctly, it can contribute to patients grinding their teeth in their sleep – known as bruxism – which can cause teeth to become damaged as the enamel is worn away. Inman aligners are an effective way of improving the look of your smile by straightening out your crooked teeth.

For many, many years, the only option available was for patients to be fitted with a traditional metal brace. These devices left patients with a mouth full of metal that could leave their confidence suffering for the years they had to wear the brace. Inman aligners can deal with many of the same problems as braces without the afore mentioned disadvantages.

First off, Inman aligners are far more discreet than braces. Instead of all the metal brackets and wires, Inman aligners work with just one visible part, a bar running across the front teeth. This increased discretion will be welcome news to any teenager who is worried about the look of a brace. Teenage years are awkward enough with the trials and tribulations of puberty. Inman can at least eliminate the extra discomfort of having a brace.

They are far more efficient than traditional, metal braces too. They work in just six months, achieving a set of straight teeth by using a concealed, coiled spring that pushes the teeth against the straightening bar. Your Sunbury dentist will be able to tell you all about Inman aligners and how they work if you are interested in this effective solution to a crooked smile.

Lumineers from Kingston-Upon-Thames dentists brighten up smiles and make patients happier

Modern dentistry offers numerous solutions not only to ailments such as tooth decay and gum disease, but also gives patients the chance to look their best by harnessing the skills of dentists who administer cosmetic dentistry procedures. Cosmetic dentistry is concerned with making patients look terrific by having a perfect smile. One increasingly popular cosmetic dentistry procedure is having Lumineers fitted. Read on to find out more.

Lumineers are a type of porcelain dental veneer, designed especially to cover up unsightly looking teeth and improve the look of your mouth. They are ideal in cases where patients have chipped, cracked or even heavily stained teeth. By fitting a thin layer of cerinate porcelain over the front of the tooth it will look a whole lot better but discreetly so.

Many other types of veneer require the dentist to remove a little of the existing tooth so that it can be accommodated successfully in the mouth. Lumineers almost never require this and it explains why they are sometime popularly known as ‘contact lenses for all your teeth’; they are that thin. Lumineers will not stain either so that if you have covered up a stained tooth you need not worry about the thing that is covering it becoming stained too.

Ask your Kingston-Upon-Thames dentist if they can carry out the Lumineer treatment to cover up your undesirable looking teeth. The procedure is quick and simple thanks to digital technology in the surgery and you will be able to walk away with a perfect looking smile. Once in place, Lumineers are so durable that you will be able to treat them just like you would the rest of the teeth and, apart from how great your smile looks, you will forget that you even have Lumineers in your mouth!

Patients astonished by the results gained from Enlighten tooth whitening administered by Surbiton dentists

There might be plenty of reasons for wanting perfectly white teeth and they are pretty self-evident. The increased self-confidence will make you a person who it is easier to be around and you will likely perform better in social situations such as parties as well as business meetings and job interviews. Any trip to a super market or pharmacy or browse through an online store will reveal plenty of different options for whitening your teeth and they all have different advantages.

Teeth whitening treatments can be divided up into two broad categories: those that are carried out by your dentist and those which are administered by yourself at home. The advantage of home kits is that you do them in your own time and you won’t have to take time off work to have it done. Treatment overseen by your dentist can be tailored to your individual needs and the shape of your unique mouth.

Enlighten tooth whitening is essentially the best of both worlds because dentists make the kits individually but you are in charge of the treatment at home. It involves wearing special trays on your teeth which are filled with gel that removes stains and whitens teeth. They only need to be worn at night when you are sleeping for a period of just two weeks. At a follow up appointment in the dental surgery which should last less than three quarters of an hour, the treatment is completed.

Surbiton dentists offer this beneficial procedure and you should ask them about it if you are unhappy about the colour of your teeth. Staining and dullness is common in adults but you don’t have to be one of the people who just puts up with it.

Practice revolutionised in Weybridge dental surgeries thanks to digital x-rays

Anything that can reduce the time that patients need to spend in the dental surgery is surely good news. Dental appointments have been a thorn in the side of employers for many years now, especially if their staff are needing to take a whole morning, afternoon or even the entire day off work because of an oral procedure. But things are changing in dental surgeries which mean that practices can be carried out quicker than ever. Dentists can fit more patients in and patients often see their costs reducing.

The use of digital x-rays is at the heart of this change. Traditional x-rays have done a fine job for many years but they did have their drawbacks. For one thing, every single x-ray would have to be developed by expert staff in a special lab. This meant that the results could not be instantly seen and both patient and dentist would have to wait. This was costly too because the staff at the lab would have to be paid. This cost was, of course, passed on to the customer.

The results of digital x-rays can be seen instantly on the computer screen and, best of all, they are in three dimensions. The world is not flat but traditional x-rays are, meaning that repeated x-rays would have to take to get different views on different angles of one tooth. This is eliminated with digital x-rays and the data can be used instantly to fashion things like porcelain dental veneers and porcelain dental crowns.

Ask your Weybridge dentist about how digital x-rays are changing things so that your dental work can be carried out at greater speed, more efficiently and with reduced costs.

Surbiton dentists tell their patients all about dentures and how they work

Dentures have become the butt of many jokes over the years and their reputation has suffered as a result. But they have a long and noble history of replicating the functions of lost teeth in the mouth and they deserve to be reassessed. This is especially so given the technological changes that have produced modern dentures, vast improvements on the dentures from the past.

Humans have sought to replace lost teeth with false ones for many, many centuries. In ancient times they would use animal teeth or wooden replicas. Over time we have become much better at producing replica teeth, especially whole sets of them if a patient has lost all of their teeth. For much of the twentieth century dentures were mass produced in a one-size-fits-all fashion and if you needed dentures you simply had to make do with the one you were given, in spite of the unique shape of your mouth.

Dentists now make dentures individually for their patients and as a result this overcomes some of the problems that wearers faced in the past. The primary problems were that dentures were often uncomfortable and prone to slipping out of the mouth. With tailor-made dentures, they can stay in the mouth easier and are made from materials such as Valplast which irritate the gums far less.

Dentures represent an affordable solution to tooth loss, much cheaper than, say, dental implants. Also they don’t involve any invasive surgery. This is perhaps one of the reasons why dentures are still so popular amongst older generations of people. If you are anxious to know more about dentures, beyond the negative stereotypes which persist then have a chat with your Surbiton dentist next time you are in the surgery.

Porcelain veneers can improve the look of your smile, say Kingston-Upon-Thames dentists

Having a smile you can be proud of will give you a massive boot in the way you see yourself and your life. You have probably just got used to it if your smile is not quite perfect but it isn’t something that you have to simply put up with. There are things that your expert dentist can do to make your smile look terrific and leave you feeling confident and happy with your image.

If you have crooked misaligned teeth, you will get them straightened out with a brace or an aligner, but what about if you have a tooth at the front of your mouth which is stained, cracked or chipped? The answer is to ask your dentist about stunning porcelain veneers. These effective covers for unsightly teeth leave you with a beautiful looking smile having undergone a simple treatment that won’t break the bank.

Essentially a thin strip of porcelain is attached to the front of the tooth, covering up the element that you do not wish to be seen. Porcelain is lightweight but also durable and has the added bonus that it won’t become stained because, in many ways, it is like glass in that respect. Some of the existing tooth might need to be removed so that the porcelain dental veneer can fit just perfectly, but this is not always necessary because of how thin modern veneers can be.

The days of lengthy visits to the surgery are becoming a thing of the past and porcelain veneers can be fitted by your Kingston-Upon-Thames in just one trip. You won’t need to take a few days of work to have the work done and can walk out of the surgery with your mouth looking the way you want it to look.

Looking a star with Cosmetic Dentistry in Shepperton

There really is no excuse these days to be walking around Shepperton with bad looking teeth, especially considering the range of good, affordable cosmetic dentistry available in the area. All of us can get the look we want, to make us look as good as the stars on the television. For starters, it all begins with getting the teeth straight first and there is an incredible range of braces and aligners on offer to cater for every mouth. If your teeth are in fairly good nick, you may get away with just bleaching your teeth, either at home or at the dentists; there are some amazing whitening toothpastes around too. If however, your teeth are discolored, cracked and with gaps appearing, you can opt for veneers, crowns or dental bonding- all guaranteed to get your mouth back into shape. There is also no excuse for having some teeth missing either. Dental implants have become common place at dentist these days and reasonably priced too and combined with a crown or a bridge, they are a strong alternative to what was there before, in some cases, stronger. They can also be used in conjunction with modern, natural looking dentures, holding them firm in the mouth. So come on, put that smile back on your face and get along to your dentist for a chat about the range of cosmetic dentistry.

Got problems with dental phobia? Surbiton dentists can help you with it

It probably isn’t something that you think about very often but if you feel anxious about going to the dentist it will come to mind once in a while when you are brushing your teeth and wondering about the health of your mouth. Because the fact is that dentists are experts in the health of your teeth and gums and it is very much worth your while going to see them regularly so that, should a problem occur, it can be dealt with in the correct fashion.

Dental phobia is common in adults who have bad childhood memories of not enjoying going to the surgery. It can also stem from a fear of needles or the dentist’s drill. Pain free gels are now common in dental surgeries and they ease the feelings that are associated with injections. In some surgeries, where possible, targeted jets of water are now being used instead of the drill to achieve the same results but without the vibrations from the drilling.

Some people are anxious about visiting the dentist because they have had a dentist in the past who is not sympathetic to their issues. What should always be borne in mind here is that there are plenty of other dentists available and you should find another one. The customer services revolution that has hit the high street has also affected the way dental surgeries are run and you should be able to expect a warm welcome and a comfortable environment at your surgery.

Book an informal appointment with your Surbiton dentist and they will be able to explain all of the changes which are helping patients to overcome the dental phobia that can be so damaging for your oral health.

The Wonder of a Dental Implant in Sunbury

Lost any of your teeth of late, even all of them? Ever thought of having a dental implant? Well people of Sunbury, you should, for there has never been a more cheaper nor a more better, easier time to consider getting one to restore the look of your mouth, or just to keep those troublesome dentures in the mouth. Implants replace the root of the tooth and once they have been placed into the jaw with some superb, pinpoint laser surgery, and allowed to heal, they are like the foundations of a house and from here you can rebuild the look of your mouth to its former glory days. Implants are in some ways stronger and less susceptible to diseases than the original root and once in, it’s forever. They are great in conjunction with crowns and bridges as they give extra stability to the new fitting. But for denture wearers, they have opened up a new world of freedom. Mini-implants can be fitted in a day, thanks to new placement techniques, and once in place, your customized dentures simply click onto them, holding them more true and firmer in the mouth than ever before. Most dentists in town will be able to advise you on procedures and though not yet available on the NHS, a simple payment plan will take away any further doubts about opt for the treatment.

Superb Teeth through Oral Hygiene in Weybridge

If you look after your teeth in Weybridge, there is no reason why they shouldn’t last you a lifetime. It’s never been easier to care for your teeth- there are some fantastic products on the market designed for all facets of oral hygiene, and if you have any doubts, consult your dentist first. The rules are simple- you are trying to prevent the buildup of plaque as this leads to tooth decay and gum disease. Nip this in the bud and you’ll be laughing…literally! Brushing and flossing at least twice a day, especially after eating should ensure that bacteria are removed from the teeth. Mouth-washes can help here too. Getting the right brush and toothpaste is essential for this daily routine, so you may have to do a little experimentation first before you get it right. You should also get your brushing technique right too, to ensure you are getting into the right areas. A consultation with a hygienist is good at this point, because not only will they help you with your technique, they can also enlighten you in to a whole new world of looking after your teeth, a world tailored to you, your teeth and your gums. Nail this and your mouth will be healthy forever.