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Dental check ups with Molesey dentists: The best way to keep your teeth healthy

Good oral hygiene will allow you to eat, drink and talk with ease and smile with confidence too. At home you ought to be in the routine of brushing and flossing so that the maximum amount of plaque is removed from your teeth, thereby lessening the risks of dental decay and gum disease. But your dentist needs to play an important part in your oral hygiene too. After all, they are experts in all matters pertaining to your teeth and gums and so it is only right that you allow them to examine your mouth every so often.

Six months is the usually recommended time that you should go between visits to your dentist, unless directed otherwise. When you see your dentist they will give your mouth a thorough examination for signs of things that you might not be able to spot at home. With their special equipment, not to mention expertise, they can notice things like gum disease or dental decay in their early stages so that the problem can be dealt with.

The fact is that many dental problems are really rather easy to sort out if they are caught early on. This is true of oral cancer as much as anything else. A nasty condition which can be fatal, oral cancer can be spotted in its infancy by your dentist during one of their examinations. You might miss the signs if you are only relying on home examinations.

If you feel anxious about visiting your Molesey dentist then you should do your best to overcome the problem, perhaps by arranging an informal visit to meet with him or her in order to discuss your issues.

Shepperton dentists offer wide range of cosmetic dentistry procedures to suit all of your needs

You might not always think about it but being content and happy with the look of your smile can do wonders for your self confidence. Just think how much easier it will be to go to business meetings or parties if you are happy with the way your mouth looks. No longer will you be trying to cover up your teeth or worrying what other people think. No matter what the problem is that is making you self conscious about the look of your smile, your Shepperton dentist can sort it out, leaving you proud of your smile.

Cosmetic dentistry is the umbrella term used to connote the array of techniques which are used to improve the look of your smile. If you have crooked teeth then you can be fitted with a brace or with one of the newer products like Six Months Smile or Invisalign which perform similar functions but are achieved with a greater level of discretion.

Chipped, cracked or stained teeth can be effectively covered by porcelain dental veneers and more broken down teeth can be dealt with by porcelain dental crowns so that you don’t have to worry about the way they look anymore. These procedures can be carried out with far greater speed than in the past thanks to changes in the technology that is used in dental surgeries.

So called smile makeovers are available if there are a few issues with your smile that you want to deal with. These are basically packages of several different treatments which are carried out to achieve an overall improvement in your look. Many of these procedures are far more affordable than you might think and dentists are increasingly offering payment plans, allowing you to spread the costs over a defined period of time.

Cosmetic bonding now available at Surbiton dentists to effectively fill cavities

Do not despair if you find yourself suffering from dental cavities. It can be a painful problem and you might feel ashamed that you have let it happen to your teeth, but it is important that you go to your dentist and have them filled so that the problem does not get any worse. Cavities in the teeth can lead to them losing their structural integrity so you need to get them filled as soon as possible.

For many years the only option was to get metal fillings installed where the tooth has decayed away. Unfortunately this method could leave patients with unsightly looking dark patches in their smile and the metal that was used was not always that easy to work with because of the properties of it meant that dentists couldn’t always be that precise.

Thankfully all that is changing because of incredible cosmetic bonding techniques. What these changes basically amount to is that you can now have stunning white fillings which are matched to the colour of your surrounding teeth so are far more discreet. Even your closest intimates will find it difficult to tell that you have had your cavities filled. The dental composite that is used to fill cavities is far more malleable than the metal that used to dominate the procedure. This means that the fillings can be done with extra precision and they will stay far longer in the teeth.

If you are not wholly enthusiastic about metal fillings but know that you have cavities in your teeth, then you should talk to your Surbiton dentist about cosmetic bonding and how it can work for you.

Sunbury dentists use CEREC technology to revolutionise the way they practice

If you need some work doing on your teeth the thought of having to endure lengthy visits to the dentist is probably the last thing that you need. So many of us have busy lives with high pressured jobs and families to look after, fitting in the dentist just might not seem possible among all the other things on the schedule. But things have changed in many dental surgeries and now many of the procedures that might have taken a long time, are far swifter, allowing you to get on with your life.

The dramatic changes sweeping through dental surgeries are thanks to CEREC techniques which harness the very latest in computer aided, digital technology to make dental procedures more efficient. The digital x-rays which are now in use, significantly cut down the time that one needs to spend at the dental surgery. These images are three dimensional so that your dentist need only take one x-ray to have access to different perspectives on your mouth. In the past, repeated x-rays would have been needed, all of which would have to be developed in the lab.

These digital x-rays can then be sent to online machines which craft dental products, ready to be fitted there and then in the studio. For example, a porcelain dental crown can be made in just six minutes by one of these machines. Needless to say, this will dramatically reduce the amount of time that you need to spend in the surgery. Costs are not increased as a result of these new techniques because expensive lab fees are often eliminated. Talk to your Sunbury dentist to find out how CEREC techniques are changing the way that dentistry is practiced in their surgery.

Molesey dentists straighten teeth with incredible teeth using Six Months Smile

Your smile will probably be the first thing that other people see when they look at you. Every time you are introduced to a new person or talk at a business meeting, it is likely that people will be looking at your mouth. And yet how many of us are actually happy with the way our teeth are aligned? Crooked teeth can leave you feeling uncomfortable smiling and consequently cause you problems in social situations.

If you want rectify this problem, your options are now far greater than simply having a traditional metal brace fitted. One treatment that it is worth considering is Six Months Smile, already hugely popular in the United States and now becoming more widely available in the United Kingdom. As the name suggests, Six Months Smile can correct many problems with the alignment of teeth in just six months’ time. Given that the average period one has to wear a traditional brace is two years, Six Months Smile might be what you are looking for if you want your smile straightened out quickly.

Another benefit of Six Months Smile is that it is far more discreet than the traditional brace. The patented nickel titanium wires used in Six Months Smile are matched to the colour of your teeth so that the product is far less noticeable. This is one of the problems with a traditional metal brace: during the process of correction, the metal brackets and wires could actually make the patients’ mouth look worse. Teenagers in particular will be delighted by the prospect of having their teeth straightened by a product which is swift in its workings and discreet too.

Your Molesey dentist will be happy to give you more information about Six Months Smile.