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Getting Root Canal Treatment in Molesey

If you’ve let yourself go a bit in Molesey of late and not been looking after your teeth, you could be leaving yourself open to problems such as plaque and gum disease and the odd, small tooth cavity. Ok, these can be rectified quite easily if they are caught early on. But if the problem is allowed spiral out of control, dental caries could form and get deep into the tooth, leaving you with no option but to have root canal treatment to save the tooth. Now, root canals have had some bad press in the past and come with some very bad stigma attached to the treatment. In some respects, some of the tales of the pain you suffer when having a procedure such as this are true. But dental technology has come a mighty long way since root canals were first introduced and for most people, it’s really no worse than having say, a filling. On paper though, it’s not pretty reading and just ‘sounds’ positively dreadful. Once a tooth is infected and in order to save it, a dentist must first clear away the decay and rotting pulp inside the tooth. This then enables access to the roots which then are also removed by drilling or laser treatment. In some cases, the root can be difficult to get to, so the dentist must come in through the gum in order to gain access- told you it sounds ugly. But it really isn’t that painful as it sounds. With a local anaesthetic, you should feel no pain at all. Once the tooth is clear of decay, it is then filled or a crown is fitted to restore its strength. But be warned, this treatment, on average, only has a shelf life of around 10 years, after which the tooth is likely to be removed, and corrective treatment can be expensive. Bet you wish you’d kept you eyes on the oral health prize now eh?

Fixing Your Teeth with Invisalign in Surrey

If you fancy getting your teeth straightened in Surrey with the minimum of fuss and attention, then look no further than Invisalign, a radical new type of aligner from the USA which promises to cut the treatment times of more traditional braces in half. If you sign up for the programme, you can enjoy the benefits a system that no other brace can offer. Ridicule that normally comes with wearing braces is removed by the fact that the aligner is almost invisible, as it is made from a completely transparent material and it is very difficult to spot in the mouth. But the advantages just get better. Wearing Invisalign is like wearing a gum-shield, which makes it removable whenever you fancy, say at mealtime, at a party or even better, when you clean your teeth, making this aligner the most hygienically conscience around today. Even from the time you are measured up for your aligner, a series of 3-D projected images are produced so that you can see how your teeth are going to look throughout the treatment, and as you go along and your teeth are moved into place, a new aligner is fitted at regular intervals to keep your treatment on track. It’s amazingly quick, painless and simple and although a tad more expensive than other orthodontic methods (starting from around £1800), the pro’s far outweigh the cons of this unique little aligner.

A Fast Fix in Molesey with an Inman Aligner

Since the Inman aligner came onto the market in Molesey, it’s gained many plaudits within dental circles and has reflected quite wonderfully, just how far dental procedures have come over the years and the engineering that goes into keeping our mouths healthy. This remarkable device works only on buck or crooked teeth at the front of the mouth, but boy, how it works! It has an ingenious mechanism. Once fitted, a wire sits around the outside of the teeth and gets straight to work, pulling the teeth into place. But the wire is also connected to a spring mechanism and a bar on the inside of the teeth, reversing the forces. The overall affect is that the teeth are constantly under pressure, moving to and fro in the mouth. The result of all this, in lay-mans terms, is that the teeth move extremely quickly, in fact, so fast, that the treatment can be completed in a little as 6 weeks! Now, the benefits are plain for all to see, especially for adults who may feel they simply can’t bear to go through any lengthy treatments at their time of life. You can plan around any social events you may have coming up with this treatment, but the benefits of having an Inman fitted doesn’t stop there. The device can be taken out at any time; for functions or after dinner speeches, but most importantly, for cleaning the teeth and the aligner after meals. If you’ve got the money and your teeth are suitable to have this type of treatment, then get down to your dentist now.

Lumineers for a Healthy Smile in Weybridge

Veneer treatment has been around for quite a while now and it’s become a great favourite among dentists and their patients: there’s a good reason behind this. For a start, veneers are versatile and easy to fit, covering up all manner of problems such as gaps and chips. They reinstate the length of the original tooth; this may have been lost to general wear and tear over time, and restore the confidence to your smile you thought you had lost. However, having a standard veneer involves the removal of the enamel on the tooth. But now in Weybridge, you can have a patented, Lumineer fitted instead. These are wafer thin- a third of the thickness of a normal porcelain veneer but extremely strong and once you’ve been measured up, your teeth prepared and the Lumineer made up in a lab (it takes about 2 weeks, an hour if you choose CEREC treatment), they are simply cemented over the original tooth without any enamel loss. The finish and look that it gives to the mouth is remarkable and if they are well looked after and treated with respect, they should last you up to six years. The ‘thing’ with a Lumineer is, if you don’t get on with them, the treatment is reversible- they can be taken off and the tooth restored to how it was before. They are worth popping into your dentists for a look.

The Advantages of Enlighten Tooth Whitening in Sunbury

Dentists can offer you a range of treatments to put the ‘glitz’ back in your mouth, from bleaching to laser treatments. Some of these however can be a little harsh, and may not be suitable for you, depending how delicate your teeth are. Fear not people of Sunbury! How do you fancy getting your teeth whitened, gently, whilst you are sleeping at night? You do? Well then pop along to your dentists and get yourself measured up for a fairly new treatment that has set the dental world talking, Enlighten tooth whitening. This treatment can attack the deepest of stains and leave your mouth looking a million dollars. The dentist first takes an impression of your mouth, from which two bespoke trays are made that are water tight. Then you go home and when you’re ready to retire for the evening, you fill the trays with the bleaching agent, slot them over your teeth and then go to sleep. During the treatment, you must be sure to avoid staining foods and drinks and clean your teeth with whitening toothpaste. This process is repeated for two weeks until the process is complete. Then it’s back to the dentist for a quick bleaching treatment and you go out into the world smiling like a Hollywood star. In time, depending on your lifestyle, you may require a top-up now and then, but the affects of the treatment leave the teeth looking beautifully translucent and natural.

Getting a Digital X-ray in Surbiton

If you require an X-ray in Surbiton, chances are these days it will be digital. Like most areas of the health service, dentistry has caught up with technology and uses the most advanced equipment to care for your teeth. Problems in the mouth can escalate very quickly, therefore the quicker the diagnosis, the quicker the dentist can treat you. Old x-rays were an invaluable way of spotting things like tooth decay, but it could take a while for them to be developed, hence the decay could do irreversible damage. With digital it’s instant. The practical process still remains: an image is taken of the mouth (digital uses far less radiation to get the image), and then fed straight away into a computer, which brings up a picture of your mouth on the screen. This can be colour coded and turned into a 3-D image, so that the dentist can make an exact diagnosis on the spot and then get to work straight away. Any image can be stored very easily on the computer for future use and takes up less space in the surgery, which is a godsend for the dentist. But another unique benefit of this system is that old style x-rays can be scanned onto the computer too, so that they can be cross referenced with the new digital images. This allows the dentist to build up precise dental records of their patients that can be accessed a the push of a button

Dentures in Kingston-Upon-Thames

Even the less vain among us in Kingston-Upon-Thames would have to admit that the thought of losing all our teeth and having to be fitted with dentures, would come not only as terrible shock, but would mean a complete lifestyle change as well. Coupled with the stigma that dentures bring, it could have a terrible, psychological ‘one foot in the grave’ affect on most of us. Yes, dentures do mean a lifestyle change to some degree, but having them fitted can also improve lifestyle incredibly. Our fore fathers would be in awe of the way dentures are used nowadays. Not only are dentures useful for retaining the shape of the face and the health of the mouth and jaws, but they do allow us to, pretty much, carry on as normal. Dentures and what the materials they are manufactured from have become more refined, as has the way of way they are retained in the mouth- one of the greatest fears for anyone that wears them. Fix-a-dents and mini implants ensure that they stay put, allowing even the toughest of steaks to be tackled in a restaurant. Dental procedures in the past would advocate the removal of all teeth at the first sign of any serious gum disease, but that philosophy has died a death. Most dentists are against a complete removal of teeth, trying to retain at least some, so that partial dentures have an extra anchor to attach themselves to, thus allowing the wearer more freedom.

The Joys of Porcelain Veneers in Shepperton

One of the most successful tried and tested forms of cosmetic dentistry in Shepperton, that will make you feel fantastic about the way you look and the way you smile, are porcelain veneers. These have been around for a long time now and that in itself tells you how affective this treatment is. Most of us are vulnerable to the ‘pleasures’ that life gives us, and invariably our teeth will end up suffering because of it. They can suffer wear and tear, pick up chips and cracks, let alone the stains they suffer and are beyond some of the more simple cosmetic treatments available. Veneers can cover the pain your teeth have suffered over the years, by eradicating all the problems mentioned, and restoring the length and beauty to your teeth that had been sadly lost. The treatment is a simple procedure: your dentist will remove the original enamel and then take a cast of your teeth, from which the veneers can be manufactured. Then, they are cemented into place and cured with a heat lamp. One of the joys of porcelain veneers is that they have an incredibly natural, translucent sheen that make the teeth look brand new, let alone the confidence they restore in your ability to smile and express yourself freely. Their track record and popularity has also reflected in their reasonable price and the fact that this treatment can be done on the NHS now.

Getting to Grips with Dental Phobias in Worcester Park

One of the greatest problems that face dentists in Worcester Park is to chance upon a patient that suffers from dental phobias. Being able to carry out the most basic dental procedures can be a drama if the patient is extremely traumatised by any form of treatment. Most dentists these days and are trained to cope with a difficult patient and should be able to put their patient’s minds at rest, that is of course if they can get them to pay a visit in the first place. About a third of us have some form of phobia, anxiety or fear of the dentist. Why, can be quite difficult to get to the root of, but without the correct dental care, we could be putting our overall health at risk. If you are one of these people, it’s time to lay such phobias to rest and not just for the sake of your teeth, but so that you can learn to confront other demons that may stop you getting on with your life in general. Serious dental phobias may require serious remedies beyond that of the dentist, but one of the starting point for anyone with a problem, is to have a chat with your dentist and communicate with them on a less ‘alien’ level. Express your fears, tell them you hate them and they’re all a bunch of bullies. Get it out of your system, gain a greater understanding of any treatment you require and give yourself the power to choose how you will have your work done. Your dentist will be able to inform you of relaxation and sedation techniques that will make your visit painless, comfortable and even, dare it be said, pleasurable?

The Benefits of Dental Implants in Surrey

There have been some pretty incredible leaps in dentistry over the years that have made all procedures available to everyone. The last of these to become standard procedure is the dental implant. Years ago, implants were expensive and although the benefits to restoration in the mouth were fantastic, only the rich could afford such luxuries. Times have changed thankfully. The invention of the laser has transformed dentistry, replacing the drill and the scalpel- the important elements of having an implant in the past. Laser treatments have become wide-spread, hence having a dental implant has become more refined, along with their healing times and treatment, and of course, making it affordable to all. A dental implant used to be fitted to replace a missing tooth, or in fact, all missing teeth. They are as strong as the original root of the mouth, a lot more free from diseases that normal teeth are prone to and once in, they are in for life. But with the advances in implant technology, has come a greater use for them. They can be used in conjunction with bridges, crowns and dentures to keep them anchored more securely in the mouth. Most importantly, implants will soon make dentures extinct. Now anyone can have an implant; they are as common a procedure as having a filling, as are payment plans and the rewards to the look and health of the mouth can now make any thought of how much they cost, extinct too