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The limitless possibilities of cosmetic dentistry at Surbiton dentist

You may have noticed the proliferation of cosmetic treatments over the last few years. Whether it be in the papers, magazines or on one of the countless TV makeover shows that fill the TV schedules. This is mainly because these cosmetic treatments have become more affordable and more available over the last few years. The same is true for cosmetic dentistry.

The purpose of a cosmetic treatment is to improve the aesthetic appearance as opposed to repairing or improving the quality and condition of the teeth, yet it is cosmetic treatments that have the biggest impact on the teeth and on the self-confidence of the patient.

Of all the cosmetic treatments it is probably teeth whitening that is the most widely used and well-known. This is available in almost all dental surgeries across the UK and can have a dramatic impact on the appearance of the teeth. Whitening works buy bleaching any discoloured or stained areas of the tooth enamel to make them look brighter, more uniform in colour and healthier. The result is that the smile looks better and you look younger. Teeth whitening treatments are very affordable and start at as little as £60.

Other cosmetic treatments include dental veneers. These can completely transform the appearance of the teeth and make the smile appear completely different. Although veneers can be expensive, they will last for up to twenty years and will have incredible effects on the self-esteem of patients. Ask your Surbiton dentist about the vast array of cosmetic dental treatments there are on offer to improve your teeth and give you the smile you have always wanted.

Making bad breath a thing of the past. A Molesey dentist advises

There used to an advert on the T.V. many years ago that told us;”even your best friend won’t tell you, you have bad breath” and it was true. It was then, and still is now, an embarrassing thing to bring up in conversation says a Molesey dentist. It is caused by many things we do and don’t do, smoking for one, then there`s drinking and eating food with garlic in it. However, the most common cause is the lack of oral care when we clean our teeth in the morning and last thing at night. We need to also take care to clean our teeth during the daytime, especially after a fast food meal. These meals have so much sugar and fat in them, it’s a wonder we haven’t all lost our teeth by now. No matter how well our teeth look and feel, they all have gaps in between them and it is in here that danger lurks in the form of bacteria that makes acid. It lives off all that fat and sugar, and when we consume it, we also loss our Insulin levels which dries our mouths out and helps the acid production. Drink water throughout the day and night and this will help enormously, we also need to keep away from those bad fast food joints, the cost of a burger meal may be cheap, but it will prove expensive in the long run with higher dental bills, and days off work through dental problems.

Oral Hygiene will help you keep your teeth longer, says a Weybridge dentist

A good Oral Hygiene habit is important in preventative dentistry, says a Weybridge dentist. The problem is that most people don`t realise that more damage is done while we sleep and while we are at work. The damage I`m talking about is the production of acid in the mouth that causes infections and tooth erosion. At night our saliva gland stops working when we sleep, this allows the bacteria to produce massive amounts of acid that erode the teeth and gums. We need to keep water by the side of the bed to sip through the night when we awaken for those brief few seconds, just keeping the mouth moist will help to neutralise the acid. The other problem is flossing, we never do enough of it and this gives the bacteria food to live off and help produce tartar and that destructive acid. During the day it is the same, if you eat a chocolate bar, sandwich or fast food meal then you will be leaving debris in your mouth. This gets in between the teeth and feeds the bacteria. That acid may not burn your mouth, but it is eroding away your gums and tooth enamel just the same, again swigging water and keeping and using a floss stick will help enormously. We all floss in the morning and that is good, if only we could also get into that same habit during the day that would go a long way to helping us keep our teeth longer.

Inman and Invisalign aligners, a Shepperton dentist explains the difference

There are two main types of self contained braces on the market and they both do excellent jobs, although the Inman is recommended only for misaligned front teeth says a Shepperton dentist. They do however both have very similar qualities and it is hard to choose the best one, one of those qualities is the fact they can removed and popped back in at any time by the patient. The braces work by the same principles as a conventional brace in that they pull the teeth into new positions over a period of time. Instead of the workings being cemented onto the teeth they are installed into a self contained unit that looks very much like a gum shield, how they are set and the pressure points, are all worked out by a computer program well in advance. The program will even produce a 3D film showing how this will all work week by week; this allows the patient and the dentist to actually see the work in progress and the end result. The Inman has a thin bar running across i,t and the Invisalign is so called because it doesn’t and is almost invisible to the naked eye. As long as they are worn for at least 20 hours a day they will work and do the job well, but the fact they are removable is tempting to leave them off for longer. Most people will just remove them for a few minutes while they clean their teeth, and an hour or so while they eat.

Lumineer’s are here to stay says a Kingston- upon-Thames dentist

Lumineer’s are just what the doctor ordered or should that be the dentist! A Kingston- upon-Thames dentist has been advising their clients about the advantages of having these new veneers fitted. They are made from a new formula that is so hard wearing and tough, it is possible to make them in a very thin format. Most of the problems associated with veneers have been overcome by this fabulous innovation from the world of dental science. With normal veneers the tooth has to lose some of its enamel so the veneer blends in on the tooth to look natural, this process is irreversible and that means that the tooth can only ever have more veneers in the future. Veneers do get discoloured, that’s a fact and they have to be replaced around about every 10-15 years. With the Lumineer it is so thin that the tooth loses no enamel at all, and the Lumineer can be taken off at any time for work to be done on the tooth. It is a tough cookie with a lifespan expectancy of some 20 years; they are fitted on without an anaesthetic and in about 20 minutes or so. The cost has also come down as they are cheaper to make and not so much work goes into fitting them, they need no special care either, you just simply use them and clean them like a real tooth, and your 6 monthly visits to the dentist will make sure that they stay in pristine condition.

Experience the stunning results of teeth whitening at Molesey dentist

Of all the cosmetic dentistry procedures available from Molesey dentists, it is teeth whitening that is always the most popular. There is something about a set of white, healthy teeth that seems to indicate health and well-being and even youth. Teeth whitening used to be an expensive treatment reserved only for the rich and famous but now a Hollywood smile is within reach of everyone as the prices have come down dramatically in the last ten years.

Teeth whitening treatments start from as little as £200 for a short one off treatment but it is possible to have more intensive courses lasting as long as two weeks, which will give a more comprehensive and successful treatment.

Teeth whitening treatments work by applying an active gel containing hydrogen peroxide to the surface of the teeth in specially made trays. This substance seeps into the tooth enamel and bleaches it white, making the teeth a more uniform and even colour.

There are few drawbacks to teeth whitening and even fewer side effects. Some patients may experience slightly sensitive teeth for a few days after the treatment but this is rarely more than a mild discomfort. It is also suitable for use on most patients with very few exceptions, although some patients undergoing other medical treatment may be excluded.

Although it is possible to buy teeth whitening kits over the counter, it is always advised that you have the treatment carried out by a trained dentist for safety and for the best results. You can find out more about teeth whitening treatments from your Molesey dentist at your next check up appointment.

The Invisalign Brace is a brilliant innovation, says a Weybridge dentist

As braces go the Invisalign is a wonder of the modern technological age we live in. Using all that technology and computer power has to offer, this brace is a brilliant innovation says a Weybridge dentist. It’s so called because it is advertised as the invisible brace, and to an extent that is true. The innovation comes in many forms, from the 3D film of the entire process that is made from the beginning, to the fact that they are replaced every two weeks to ensure they work properly. From digital photos a computer program works out all the pressure point and where the springs and pulleys will be placed under pressure. An orthodontist then makes the series of braces which are fitted every fortnight by the dentist. The patient can also remove the piece, which resembles a sporting gum shield, for eating and cleaning their teeth. As long as they keep them in for at least 20 hours a day they will accomplish the job in hand, and that is to straighten the teeth. The process agitates the jaw line as well and this makes the body produce more bone cells, these are then deposited behind the moving teeth and build up to form a barrier that stops the teeth falling back into their old position. It seems that everything has been thought of here, and it is becoming very fashionable to have one fitted to fix your wonky teeth. The busy executive likes them as they can lose them when doing meetings.

Get your dream smile with porcelain veneers from Weybridge dentist

Are you unhappy with the colour, shape and alignment of your teeth? Maybe you are suffering from chipped or worn enamel that is spoiling the appearance of your smile. The porcelain veneers could be just the thing to restore the appearance of your teeth.

As you may have seen on one of the many TV makeover shows on our screens in recent years, porcelain veneers are capable of completely transforming the teeth and creating stunning healthy looking smiles. Veneers are very thin ceramic shells that fit over the top of the teeth and are cemented in place by dental bonding. In the past, porcelain veneers took several weeks to manufacture in the lab after several appointments to measure and design had been carried out. This involved lengthy and uncomfortable dental moulds and rounds of x-rays, but in recent years new technology called Cerec has revolutionised the way that veneers are designed and manufactured.

Cerec utilises CAD/CAM technology, meaning computer aided design, computer aided manufacture. With the aid of new technology such as digital x-rays and three-dimensional imaging the dentist is now able to design the veneers on a computer screen before instructing a computer to sculpt the veneers from specially chosen porcelain. This has drastically reduced the time you will need to spend in the surgery and made treatment a lot more pleasant.

Porcelain veneers look and feel just like real teeth and with the right care and attention will last up to twenty years before they need replacing. Not only will they look great but they will also protect the teeth from external damage by plaque and bacteria. Ask your Weybridge dentist for more information

Wisdom teeth are wrongly named says a Surbiton dentist

Wisdom or compacted teeth are a very painful dental problem, and their removal can have long term side effects and infection problems. A Surbiton dentist says that these teeth don’t always need surgery; it is only in some cases that they actually become a problem and need to be removed. The teeth concerned are those at the back of the mouth which cannot grow and expand as they are compacted in their position. The removal is quite a feat for a dental surgeon to do, and the hole left has to be plugged with germ free lint. This dressing needs to be changed almost every day, and it is when the incision is opened up that germs can get in and cause problems. Quite why they`re called Wisdom Teeth no one really knows, but you will know when you have one that is a problem. They affect younger patients between 17 and 24 more than older patients. After the tooth is removed it is important that the patient be very vigilant to stop infection taking place, after a day the bleeding will generally stop, this is when the body`s defences clot the blood. It is not a good idea to rinse at this stage as to do so will often dislodge a clot and cause further bleeding. Just taking a mouth wash into the area and avoiding it from whirling around will help. Warm salt water bathing of the area or even a used tea bag on the area will also help, as the tea contains tannin. contact mulberrydental on 01932 223479 for a free conaultation.

Inman Aligners and why they are the first choice of many. By a Sunbury dentist

It is a great advance in dental science, and a thankfully modern idea that is making teeth straightening much easier and acceptable, says a Sunbury dentist. The old method of cementing wires and adjusting them as time progresses has not been entirely lost with these new style braces, the main concept is still there, but with some brilliantly ingenious ideas involved. One of the things these braces do is to agitate the jaw bone and the blood supply to the tooth, this produces new bone tissue that is deposited behind the tooth to further hold it in its new position. The concept of the Inman Aligner is only good for the front teeth though as the workings of it is all contained in a sealed unit, it actually looks like a sporting gum shield except there is a thin wire that runs across the front of it. A series of these braces are fitted every fortnight by your dentist, who also gets a 3D film of the whole process to follow the progress. That film includes an image that shows you a CGI of the finished work and your new straight teeth. The braces are also removable by you for up to 4 hours a day, this allows you to do simple things like eating and cleaning your teeth in comfort, you simply replace the brace onto your teeth and the process starts working again. All in all this method of aligning crooked teeth is an easy way to do the job, and has some good advances that benefit the client.