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Brand new reason to smile with porcelain veneers from Molesey dentist

There are more cosmetic dental procedures than ever before with results being possible that even ten years ago we would have thought impossible. Modern dentistry has advanced in leaps and bounds over the last few decades and it is now possible to transform even the most damaged and unattractive of teeth.

Teeth whitening procedures can restore the appearance of discoloured and stained teeth. Teeth can be straightened using all manner of orthodontic devices and dental bonding can even out and reshape teeth to make them look more appealing. However, the crown for the most spectacular dental transformation lies very definitely with one treatment: porcelain veneers.

These are thin ceramic caps that fit over the top of the existing teeth to completely change the way the teeth look. They are designed to fit the individual’s teeth exactly and can restore the appearance of even the most badly damaged teeth. But the best part about porcelain veneers is that this transformation can take place almost immediately. In fact, using the latest technology called Cerec, porcelain veneers can even be designed, manufactured and fitted in the same day. This means it is possible to have a new set of teeth in just one afternoon.

While it is true that porcelain veneers can be quite costly, it is also true that they can last for over twenty years if properly maintained. This means that once they are fitted, you can have the perfect smile you have always dreamed of for twenty years before you need to start worrying about replacing your veneers. Ask a Molesey dentist for more information about the possibilities of porcelain veneers at your next check up and you could have a brand new smile and a reason to be smiling in as little as one day.

Look after your teeth with oral hygiene advice from Shepperton dentist

Shepperton dentists have always stressed the importance of good oral hygiene when it comes to looking after your teeth. Brushing and flossing well on a daily basis can really help to make the difference and could prevent all manner of serious dental health conditions as well as keeping your breath fresh and your teeth looking their best.

The most important aspect of oral hygiene is definitely brushing. This should be carried out twice a day with a suitable brush. Dentists recommend using a brush that has a small head for maximum access to the most teeth. It should ideally have soft bristles to remove the most plaque and bacteria from the surfaces of the teeth. Brush your teeth for three minutes trying to angle the brush towards your gums. You must never forget that the health of your gums is just as important as the health of your teeth.

Next to brushing comes flossing. This is important because it is not always possible to clean the areas between the teeth of the small areas between the teeth and gums around their base. These are often the areas where decay and disease begin, so flossing daily will give you the best chance of avoiding these problems. Try to floss at least once a day using appropriate floss. Your dentist can recommend suitable brushes and flosses at your next check up.

Which brings us nicely to the third prong of the oral hygiene attack; the dental check up. No matter how clean you think you keep your teeth they are still at risk from bacteria and plaque. Seeing a dentists every six months will help to catch any signs of gum disease or tooth decay in its early stages when it is the most easily treated. Make yourself a check up appointment today.

Protect yourself from oral cancer at Molesey dentist

One of the most serious problems that can affect the mouth is oral cancer. This is a potentially life threatening condition that occurs in the oral cavity but one that can be treated effectively in caught in its early stages. The longer the disease is allowed to develop untreated the greater the chances of it becoming fatal.

There are many risk factors that make you more likely to suffer from the condition. These include:

• Age – You are more likely to suffer from oral cancer if you are over the age of 40

• Sex – Males are twice as likely to suffer from oral cancer as women

• Weight – Patients who are overweight are also more likely to suffer from oral cancer as those patients who are in good shape and of a healthy weight

• Lifestyle – Smoking any kind of tobacco product significantly increases your risk of contracting oral cancer. Drinking alcohol also greatly increases the risk. When the two factors are combined the risk becomes even more heightened as the two combined can be very destructive to the cells and tissue in the mouth

However, it must be remembered that everyone is at risk from oral cancer and that 25 per cent of patients who contract oral cancer have none of the high risk factors.

The best way to beat oral cancer is to have a regular check up with a Molesey dentist. They can examine the mouth every six months or more regularly if desired. They can check for any suspicious signs and conduct a brush biopsy of any tissue. If the results come back positive they can refer you immediately to a specialist for treatment. This is the best way of beating oral cancer and keeping yourself safe from this very dangerous and destructive condition.

Kingston-upon-Thames dentist makes mouth guard to protect your teeth

Playing sport is a great way of staying fit and also making friends and having fun. But many sports come with associated dangers that you need to protect yourself against. This often involves wearing padding or protection to protect vulnerable or fragile parts of the body. This could be wearing shin pads or even a helmet, depending on the sport. However, many people overlook their teeth when they are playing sport, not realising that sporting injury is a very common cause of knocked out or broken teeth.

Not only is this very painful but it can also be very costly and the cause of long-term chronic dental problems. Knocked out teeth can be replaced in some circumstances but if not then you will require a lengthy and costly dental restoration such as a dental bridge. These procedures are very effective but they can never quite measure up to a real tooth in both appearance and feel.

There is a very simple way of protecting your teeth when playing sport that involves wearing a mouth guard. This will act as a cushion, spreading the impact and lessening the chance of sustaining serious damage to the teeth. It is possible to buy mouth guards from sporting goods stores although Kingston-upon-Thames dentists recommend that you always have your mouth guard made by them. This is because most generic mouth guards do not offer sufficient protection. In some case they actually only offer minimally more protection than no mouth guard at all.

Your dentist will make a mould of your teeth before using that to make a mouth guard that fits you individual teeth. This will help to keep your teeth safe during any sporting activity that involves a ball or the possibility of facial and dental injury.

Beautiful smile with Lumineers from Sunbury dentist

There have been many innovations that have changed the face of modern dentistry. One of the latest is Lumineer veneers, a form of porcelain tooth cap so thin it requires barely any pre-treatment and no enamel removal before they can be fixed onto your teeth. As well as completely changing the appearance of the teeth, they also add an extra layer of protection to the teeth to protect them form damage and further discolouration.

Dental veneers have been used for decades to improve the appearance of the teeth and smile. They are mostly used to restore the size and shape of damaged teeth and to cover teeth that have been badly stained or discoloured. These are problems that affect millions of people each year in the UK. This means that although they are quite expensive, veneers are a very popular way of restoring your teeth to their former glory. As well as being very effective, veneers are also very hard wearing and last for many years if properly cared for.

Using the old-style veneers, it was often required that dentist removed some of the healthy tooth enamel to allow the veneer to fit comfortably over the top of the existing tooth. This was never an ideal situation as dentists often hated to remove healthy enamel unless absolutely necessary. Now, using Lumineers, the dentist can simply attach the new veneer using a thin layer of dental bonding. The tooth structure remains intact and the tooth is restored and protected. Lumineers are so thin, about the same width as a contact lens that they can even fit over the top of existing dental work.

Lumineers from a Sunbury dentist could be just the answer to all your dental health needs. Ask your dentist at your next check up to see what they could do for you.

The solution to braces with Invisalign from Shepperton dentist

We all know somebody who wears or who has worn braces. In fact, they are more or less ubiquitous among the teenagers of today as having a great smile becomes more and more important. But are braces really the only answer? Ask anyone who wears them and they can list as many problems as there are hours in the day. Some of the common complaints are that they are painful, they irritate the mouth and they seem to last forever.

This last point is very important, as is the fact that speaking truthfully, a brace is never a good look and can really ruin a smile for the duration of treatment, which could be as long as three years. Finally, however, there is an answer to the question of braces.

Invisalign is a new invisible brace system that straightens teeth with little or no aesthetic impact during treatment. They are made from one millimetre thick clear plastic that is virtually invisible in the mouth. Each retainer-like brace is worn for a period of about three weeks before it is replaced with another.

Two of the major advantages of the Invisalign system are that it is completely removable and that treatment lasts o average six months less than with conventional metal braces. You really don’t seem to be able to loose, and then you are told that they may even be cheaper than a conventional brace. Ask your Shepperton dentist about Invisalign braces if you think you or your child’s teeth could do with straightening. It might just be the best decision you ever make.

Surbiton dentist has the answer with Inman aligner

There are very few people who are completely happy with their teeth. There are so many problems that can occur with the teeth. They can be discoloured, cracked, chipped or even worn down. There are cosmetic treatments that can be used to restore the appearance of all of these issues. But what if your teeth are simply not straight? What can you do to align your teeth?

Well, one option is to go for braces; a form of orthodontic teeth straightening that involves fixing metal brackets to the teeth and attaching them to wires. This is an effective way to straighten the teeth but let’s face it, it’s not the most attractive. We probably all know somebody who had to wear braces and we know what a pain it can be. There is also the length of treatment to bear in mind. This can be as long as three years in some cases, and that’s a long time, especially for a teenager in the difficult emotional years.

There are other options however, including the new Inman aligner that promises straighter teeth in as little as six months. The Inman aligner works by focusing more on the teeth at the front of the mouth. By moving the lateral teeth out using the power of a coiled spring, the front teeth then have room to move into. A metal bar, the only part of the brace visible, aligns the front teeth giving you a more symmetrical and better looking smile.

Inman aligners can work in as little as ten weeks and are becoming very popular with brides-to-be wanting a healthier smile for their special day. The Inman aligner, from a Surbiton dentist, is also completely removable. As long as it is in the mouth for about twenty hours a day it will still work to straighten the teeth. Ask your dentist for more information.

Weybridge dentist whitens teeth and brightens smile with Zoom

Whitening your teeth is one of the most effective ways of transforming your smile and taking years off your appearance. This is because we naturally associate whiter teeth with youth because the teeth discolour as we age. This is due to gradual wear and tear and also as a result of the foods that we eat and lifestyle choices that we make. This also means that patients who drink red wine, coffee and smoke cigarettes often suffer from premature discolouration as a result.

Teeth whitening is a very effective procedure that involves placing an active ingredient, usually containing hydrogen peroxide, against the surface of the teeth in special trays. The gel seeps into the enamel and stains any discoloured areas and general discolouration making the teeth look a more uniform and white colour. It is possible, using certain whitening products such as Zoom teeth whitening, to lighten the shade of teeth by a factor of ten. That is quite a significant change and one that will definitely get you noticed for all the right reasons. People will start to think you look younger and healthier and with today’s more natural whitening treatments, they won’t be able to place exactly why.

Zoom also uses a special whitening lamp to accelerate the speed of treatment. This means that teeth can be whiter faster and there is no need for extensive and expensive whitening treatments. Zoom teeth whitening is available from Weybridge dentists and with treatment now being very affordable, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have the natural white teeth that you have always wanted. You can improve your smile without the need for any cosmetic dental surgery or painful procedures. The only feeling you may experience is some slight sensitivity after the initial treatment but this will rarely last longer than a day or two.

Weybridge dentists whiten teeth with affordable Enlighten

Over the course of the last ten years there have been many improvements in the standard of cosmetic dental treatment. As a result of this, the price and availability of these treatments has gone down and up respectively. This has meant that treatments that were once very expensive are now more affordable to people. For example, tooth whitening systems like Enlighten, which were once the preserve of the rich and famous are now available in almost every dentist surgery across the country.

Enlighten uses specially designed trays to keep the active ingredient close to the teeth. In this active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide which penetrates the tooth enamel and bleaches any areas of discolouration or staining. This makes the teeth look whiter and healthier and can even take years off your appearance. Using Enlighten products it is possible to make the teeth up to ten shades whiter than they were before the treatment. As you can imagine this has quite an impact on your appearance.

This is perhaps one of the main reasons that teeth whitening is so popular. The other of course is that it is one of the cheapest cosmetic dentistry procedures. With treatments starting at just £60 you can really begin to see why so many people are opting to have the treatment performed.

Dentists in Weybridge are offering the short-course whitening treatments that can be carried out in as little as one appointment. They also offer more extensive programs of treatment that last up to two weeks. These are the kind that achieve the best results, but with a noticeable difference being seen in just one afternoon, there is no reason that even a small treatment could not make you feel more comfortable with your smile.

The many uses of digital x-rays at Molesey dentists

Molesey dentists are using new dentistry technology at the cutting edge of development to improve dental care and make treatment more accurate. In the world of modern dentistry, technology is advancing at an incredible rate. Surgery is becoming more comfortable and recovery times are becoming ever shorter. However, one of the most important new dentistry tools to be developed over the last decade is the digital x-ray. Not only is this a useful device in its own right but it has also facilitated a number of other pioneering treatments.

There are many clear advantages when using digital x-rays over the conventional types of x-rays. Traditional x-rays are required to be developed in a laboratory. This is a lengthy process and can often lead to the need for further appointments, which can be time consuming. There are also associated problems with overexposure and ruined film. Digital x-rays can be processed immediately for the dentist to examine. The images are also of a very high standard and very clear. They can also easily be stored in the patients file on the computer.

Digital x-rays also address the issue of safety. They require about 80 per cent less radiation meaning they are safer for both the patient and the dentist, who use them every day. This has always been one of the most common dangers of using x-rays

Perhaps most importantly, digital x-rays have also made possible the development of chair side dentistry, which allows dentists to manufacture and fit porcelain veneers and crowns in just a single appointment. This is a vast improvement on the old style of dental restorations, which could often take weeks from start to finish.