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Consult Sunbury Dentist if you have Gaps in teeth

The common practice to close any tooth cavity is to use dental fillings especially plastic ones. But these plastic fillings have a tendency to shrink as they harden and this can lead to the formation of gaps between the tooth and the filling. Food particles begin to get accumulated in these gaps, ultimately giving room for the development of more dental caries.

There are a variety of plastic materials that are available to be used as dental fillings. The tension that is produced during the hardening process of the plastic filling depends entirely on the shape of the cavity and varies widely from person to person. Since it was not possible to determine the tension that will be produced in each hardening process, it was left to the dentist’s experience to choose the right plastic filling. But recent studies have enabled researchers to simulate this hardening process.

This new method makes it possible to accurately predict the tension that accompanies the hardening process with each type of plastic filling. This enables dentists to choose the least tension-prone plastic material according to the shape of each person’s tooth cavity. Thus the formation of further gaps between the tooth and dental filling is prevented and thus minimizes or does away with the risk of developing caries in the same cavity.

This is a relatively new simulation process performed only by a few dentists. Consult a Sunbury dentist who uses this new technique the next time you go in for a dental filling procedure.

Interesting Facts on Preventing Gum Diseases by Surbiton Dentist

People often neglect oral hygiene due to which plaque and tartar get deposited on the teeth. Plaque is a white coating present in the teeth which can eventually lead to the destruction of the enamel. You have to remove this deposition regularly to keep your teeth well protected from infections and diseases. Daily brushing and flossing will help in maintaining a beautiful smile.

Nutrition plays an important role in protecting your teeth against foreign bodies. Let me explain to you a few food substances which will provide you a healthy mouth. These criteria are laid down by the dentist in Surbiton.

• Celery- Chewing this food substance will help in increasing the saliva in your mouth which will neutralize the Streptococcus bacteria. They are responsible for the formation of cavities in your teeth. You can try a snack of raw celery and carrots daily to keep your teeth healthy.
• Cheese- It contains calcium, low carbohydrate and phosphate which balances the ph levels in your mouth. It also rebuilds the tooth and enamel and prevents gum diseases.
• Green Tea- It contains catechins which kill the bacteria that turn the sugar present in the food substance into plaque. Regular consumption of green tea will also help to control your bad breath.
• Kiwi- It contains vitamin C which has many actions on the teeth. If adequate amount of this vitamin is not taken it will loosen the collagen network of the gums resulting in plaque and tartar accumulation.

You should take care of your teeth as they are an important organ in the body. Maintaining a healthy diet is one of the important factors in keeping your teeth free from diseases.

Porcelain Veneers- The New Topic of Discussion in Molesey

Porcelain Veneers are one of the latest techniques which had been invented in the field of dentistry. You can improve the appearance of the broken, misaligned and stained teeth using this method. Nowadays more people are adopting this procedure to give a new look to their teeth.

Small porcelain facings which are attached to the natural teeth are known as veneers and they appear natural to the normal eye. Only a person trained in dentistry can differentiate between a veneer and normal tooth. The procedure is done by removing a layer of the enamel and make space to fit in the veneers. Only a professional can perform this task and make it appear natural. The doctor will take measurements for the veneers and then make them in a lab.

Every person wishes to have a set of teeth which is lined in a row. You can achieve this dream using porcelain veneers. It will help to straighten out your teeth within just a few visits. It is highly expensive and not affordable for the common man. Always visit a reputable dentist before you start with your procedure. If not done in the proper way it can lead to further damage to the teeth. People in Molesey prefer this technique to possess a clean row of teeth.

The field of dentistry is advancing fast and within short time new methods of treatment will be introduced. Porcelain Veneers will bring back the smile to your face and increase its beauty. Nowadays there are many doctors who are specializing in this field.

Visit Sunbury Dentists for Smoking Cessation Advice

Dentists in Sunbury are holding hands together to help people quit their smoking habits. There are many techniques developed which will prove beneficial for the people to come out of their bad habit. Tobacco addiction is increasing nowadays and it is high time to make people aware of the bad effects of this habit. There are many health hazards which can be avoided by stopping smoking permanently. Cancers, renal failures, cardiac complaints and pulmonary diseases can be controlled to a great extent by quitting smoking. Researches are going on with relation to dental surgeries which can decrease smoking in people.

Dental nurses are given special training to deal with patients who are chronic smokers. Counseling will help people to drop their bad habits and try to lead a normal life. According to the recent studies conducted it has been reported that people between the age group of 18 to 45 are getting addicted to nicotine. The constant stress in their life and job are making matters worse. Smoking cessation advice is beneficial for the overall health of the patient. Tooth decay and infections are common in people who are exposed to regular smoking.

This matter should be handled with care as it is sensitive. Oral cancers and gum diseases are often seen in such persons. These ailments occur recurrently and are hard to treat. Dentists can advice people the importance of oral hygiene and the steps they should take to protect their teeth. They can also suggest different food substances which will increase the shine of the teeth. Good oral hygiene is also important to prevent further infections.

Recession Taking its Toll on Dental Health in Shepperton

The current scenario of unemployment and credit crunch following recession has caused a major setback to the dental and oral health of people in Shepperton. The number of people losing their jobs these days has gone up so high that in turn it is forcing them to forgo their dental insurance. More and more families are finding it difficult to meet daily living expenses, hence the first thing that gets delayed are medical treatments especially dental ones.

The current economic crisis has also increased the cost of dental treatments making it unaffordable for most. The field of Cosmetic dentistry has suffered the worst setback since many feel that these procedures are one of luxury and not a necessity. This has forced many dentists to lay-off their staff or even close down their clinics.

While the private dental clinics are suffering, it is exactly the opposite scenario for dentists who impart treatment for patients with public insurance or no insurance at all. The queue at such clinics is long with their appointment registers overflowing. People are being asked to wait as long as 5 months for a non-emergency procedure.

The oral health of a vast majority is getting affected due to the current financial trouble and unemployment. The worst to be hit are young children who require preventive dental check-ups and prompt dental treatments to ensure good oral health. Putting off dental treatments is a cause of concern for the entire country as this reflects on the overall health of its citizens.

Consult a Kingston upon Thames Dentist to Guide you on Dental Treatments Abroad

With the rising cost of dental treatments in the UK, many patients are now opting for similar treatments abroad. But exercise caution and get all the necessary facts and information before embarking on such a journey to a distant and unknown land. The UK Dental Regulator has brought out a checklist offering guidance and advice to all patients who intend to take dental treatments in foreign countries.

This checklist has been brought out in association with the British Dental Foundation and aims to guide their citizens on where to receive the best treatment and care and whom to approach if anything goes wrong. People who want to travel abroad for Get Your Facts Right about Dental Treatments Abroad from your Kingston upon Thames Dentist should research well and have the right information regarding the medical facilities of the country and if the dentists are appropriately trained and registered to impart treatment.

The style and standard of dentistry differ from country to country and hence you should be completely aware of the procedure to be undertaken. Get the necessary information and advice from your Kingston upon Thames dentist who will be able to guide you to get the best out of your treatment abroad. He may even be able to offer you addresses of known and reliable dentists and clinics operating abroad.

Make sure your visa is in order based on the rules and regulations of your home country as well as the foreign destination; you would not want to land in trouble on foreign soil. Remember your aim should be to get the best treatment for the best cost, hence never compromise on the quality of treatment offered; else you may end up with a bad set of teeth for the rest of your life.

Tips by a Surbiton Dentist for Healthy Teeth and Gums

Dental hygiene is of utmost importance for the complete well-being of our body. Research studies have shown poor oral hygiene to be linked to various diseases like stroke, heart disease and diabetes. It has also been proven that poor oral health can lead to low birth weight babies in pregnant women.

These are some tips given by a well-known Surbiton dentist to protect your teeth and gums;

1. Brushing – There is no short cut to this tip. It is very important to brush everyday in the morning and at bedtime. Take time to brush and do not make it a hurried affair. The correct brushing technique goes a long way in protecting your teeth and gums from harmful oral bacteria that cause plaque, cavities, dental caries and other forms of tooth decay.
2. Diet and lifestyle – Consume foodstuffs that cause minimum damage to your teeth. Excess consumption of soft drinks causes corrosion of the tooth enamel. Eating ice cubes and popcorn kernels can also damage your teeth. Do not drink tea or coffee too hot or too cold as this will cause excessive staining and discolouration of the teeth.
3. Flossing – Flossing regularly with a good dental floss helps to remove plaque deposits.
4. Smoking – This causes staining and discolouration and smokers are also more prone to developing gum diseases.
5. Medications – Many drugs also cause tooth and gum diseases as a side-effect.
6. Regular check-up – Routine dental check-ups can detect tooth decay or gum diseases in the initial stage itself and appropriate treatment can be followed.

Take good care of your teeth and gums for a healthy and beautiful smile.

Straighten Your Teeth in an Instant with Porcelain Veneers in Molesey

Dental veneers are another important contribution of cosmetic dentistry to the world of beautiful smiles. The most common material used to make dental veneers is porcelain, hence the name porcelain veneers. These are basically artificial coverings made out of wafer-thin porcelain material and are usually custom-made for the wearer.

Veneers are like a shell or outer coverings that are applied over the tooth’s surface to straighten teeth or to hide worn out tooth enamel. These can also be used to cover spaces between the teeth or to cover cracks and chips in the teeth. Porcelain veneers are also an excellent option for those who have highly discoloured teeth and are not satisfied with teeth whitening.

The two greatest advantages that make porcelain veneers stand apart from other dental veneers are;
• Natural tooth-like appearance – The normal human tooth enamel is translucent and has a lustrous appearance. Porcelain is also glass-like in nature, hence gives the same translucent appearance making the veneer look natural as opposed to veneers made out of other materials like composite resin.
• Resistance to staining – Most cosmetic dental materials are prone to staining and discolouration when used for a long time due to consumption of tea, coffee, soft drinks and tobacco. Porcelain is the only material that withstands staining, so these veneers are an excellent choice.

So, if you have misaligned teeth consult your Molesey dentist who will take measurements and custom make porcelain veneers for your teeth which will fit you like a dream giving you a natural, sparkling white smile.

Consult a Sunbury Dentist to Quit Smoking

Smoking has an immense detrimental effect on oral health causing oral cancers, gum diseases and poor wound healing apart from causing plaque, tooth decay and dental caries. Studies have shown that smokers are more prone to losing their teeth faster than non-smokers.

Of all the medical practitioners, dentists can play an important role in aiding a person to quit smoking. Since most smokers suffer from periodontal disease, a dentist is always approached for regular check-ups which give them a chance to help kick the habit. Recent research studies have shown that quitting smoking along with gum treatment gives a person healthier gums.

Dentists in Sunbury can also perform the twin role of a smoking cessation counsellor which is very helpful for people who are chain smokers. A dental practitioner or a dental hygienist can hold counselling sessions and is at a much better advantage to advice people on the harmful effects of smoking like development of oral cancer, severe periodontal disease and tooth decay which ultimately leads to premature tooth loss.

Dental practitioners must also educate their patients that poor oral health caused by smoking can lead to other diseases like heart disease, stroke, lung cancer and other respiratory problems. It is a common fact that patients often listen to their doctor’s advice, hence the brief time spent with the dentist can actually be turned into an advantage by talking to the patient about the health benefits of giving up this dreadful habit. Showing pictures of periodontal diseases in other smokers can also be helpful in gaining the patient’s attention and promote smoking cessation.

Get Your Teeth Cleaned At Worcester Park Dentist

Anything that you eat has to go through the mouth. The process of chewing and drinking involves the interaction of the teeth with the food particles and this is why you must take good care of your teeth.

Regular brushing and flossing at times fall short of keeping your teeth in a healthy condition since not everyone is aware of the exact procedure involved in it. In several cases it is the people who brush and floss regularly who have dental problems. And if you smoke, things just get worse.

There are certain areas which are difficult for us to floss resulting in food particles getting deposited in them. The food particles are constantly in touch with the saliva and hence the decaying process begins. No matter how much you adjust yourself in front of the mirror, your flossing will never be as perfect as that done by a dentist. There are several efficient dentists in Worcester Park from where you can get your teeth cleaned. If you wish to avoid dental problems then it is best that you get it done twice or thrice every year.

Most individuals are unaware of the process and hence have preset notions about it. There have been several queries regarding the pain involved. Interdental cleaning is a painless process and when done by experienced hands, it will be over within a matter of minutes.

It is always better to count on professional help as they are well versed with the problems relating to the teeth and will make sure that all measures are undertaken to render you with clean teeth.