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Cure Bad Breath With a Visit to Your Surbiton Dentist

If you have bad breath (halitosis), chances are everyone around you has a way of letting you know about it. Without a question, if you are tired of people grabbing for their nose each time you speak, it is time to visit a Surbiton dentist. Today, there are a number of medications and procedures that can be used to help get rid of bad breath. Your dentist can also give you some valuable information about foods and dental products to avoid.

Even though you may realize that halitosis is caused by germs, you may mistakenly believe that antibacterial mouthwashes will solve the problem. Interestingly enough, if they contain alcohol, they will kill off the good bacteria in your mouth. This, in turn, can make your bad breath problem even worse. In a similar way, your dentist can give you a good bit of information on how sugary foods and sweets can also contribute to bacterial growth.

When you need to get rid of bad breath, your dentist will systemically search for the cause. This includes referring you to your regular doctor for blood work. Oddly enough, if you are diabetic, or have kidney problems, they may be causing bad breath. Aside from this, you dentist may also give you some medications that will help while you are working on resolving other health issues.

There is no question that the social impact of bad breath is a matter of concern. Nevertheless, it is also very important to realize that halitosis may also be a key warning related to some other heath condition. Regardless of whether that condition is oral in nature, or in other parts of your body, it is very important to visit your dentist in order to find the cures and answers that will restore your health, and help you have good smelling breath.

Have Teeth Whitening Procedures Done at Your Sunbury Dentist

Regardless of whether you smoke, or eat foods that tend to stain your teeth, it may be time to have your teeth whitened. This is especially important to consider if you are at an age where you want to look younger, or feel that it is time for a makeover. Without a question, beautiful, white teeth will be part of recreating and restoring your image. Today, you can make use of a variety of teeth whitening procedures offered by your Sunbury dentist.

As may be expected, different patients will require different levels of care. Among other things, you may be able to have your teeth whitened by using chemical solutions. Your dentist may also recommend certain washes or other procedure that you can do at home in order to maintain perfectly white teeth.

In some cases, your dentist may recommend installing veneers. As you may be aware, this is a sliver of resin that is applied to the front of your teeth. These are ideal to use if your teeth are chipped as well as discoloured. They will help ensure that each tooth matches the adjacent ones in colour. This is also an ideal time to have your teeth reshaped so that they match your facial features.

Even though teeth whitening is not required for good oral health, it can certainly make a difference in how you feel about yourself. In particular, if you often work with the public, or want to apply for a management position at work, you may feel self conscious if your teeth look yellow and dirty. Fortunately, with so many different teeth Whitening technologies available, there is no need to walk around looking like you do not practice good oral hygiene. You may even be surprised to find that visiting your dentist will provide you with a makeover that helps you look better than you ever have in your entire life.

Dental Crowns Available From Your Surbiton Dentist

If you had a root canal, or a tooth was fractured in some type of accident, it may be necessary for you to have a permanent dental crown. As you may be aware, a dental crown is a replacement or cover for the part of your tooth that is above the gum line. Today, a dentist in Surbiton can offer you a variety of options. This includes materials that will match the colour of your other teeth, as well as ones that are durable and comfortable.

Consider a situation where you developed pain and swelling in your jaw, or around your tooth. Chances are, it was enough to send you screaming to the dentist. At that point, you may have been put on antibiotics, as well as given a root canal. As you may be aware, most root canals need to be followed up with a permanent crown once the dentist is sure that the infection is gone.

Depending on where the tooth is, you may want to choose from any number of dental crown materials. While ti may be rare to need a root canal on front teeth, you may still need a crown if a tooth is chipped or fractured. In these instances,a crown made from resin or porcelain may suit your purposes. Even though these materials aren’t as strong as some others, the new crown can be modified to match the colour of your other front teeth.

Unfortunately, even if you take good care of your teeth, there may be times when you need to have dental crowns. Today,dentists have a wide range of materials and methods available to help give you the best crown for any given situation. Therefore, if you need a permanent crown installed, you can find out about all your options in one easy, convenient dental visit.

Confident Smiles with Dental Bridges from Worcester Park dentist

It is not surprising that individuals with missing teeth are self conscious about how they look. In addition to this, having gaps can result to other dental problems like temporomandibular joint disorder and malocclusion. But all these can be solved by a couple of visits to your Worcester Park dentist for a dental bridge.

For a long time now, dental bridges have been among the popular treatment for missing teeth. They also come in different kinds:

• Resin – bonded type: a kind of dental bridge that does not require extensive preparation of the nearby teeth as long as you have healthy gums and the other teeth do not contain much filling. This kind is best if you are missing your front teeth.

• Cantilever and conventional types: unlike the resin-bonded type, these two require extensive preparation of the nearby teeth primarily because crowns are placed and attached.

If you are interested in having a dental bridge, you should know that it requires at least three visits.

The first visit will involve the dentist checking whether you are qualified for such a procedure while the second visit will involve the dentist obtaining a teeth impression to be used for the fabrication of your dental bridge. The last visit will involve the putting of the dental bridge permanently in place.

Cost for such procedure ranges from £1000 to £1500, depending on your needs. Of course, you can rely on your dentist to provide you with quality dental bridges so you can enjoy your money’s worth.

How Inman Aligner Straightens Your Teeth in Sunbury

You have always been conscious of your crooked teeth. You want your teeth straight and symmetrical but do not want the hassle of wearing unsightly braces for a long time. The Inman Aligner is the answer you have been waiting for on how to have a beautiful smile without waiting too long.
Sunbury dentists use Inman Aligners as alternative to metal-wire braces that can cause discomfort to users and inflammation of gums and soft tissues. They can also be alternative to invisible braces which take six months to a year to fully move your teeth into their desired position.
Inman Aligner is recommended for those with misaligned lower and upper front teeth. It has a metal bar placed across the front of your teeth. Because Inman Aligner allows a restricted movement of the teeth, it is not recommended for those whose teeth are heavily crowded.
Several features of the Inman Aligner that help straighten your teeth:
• Removable orthodontic appliance that moves the teeth to a straight and symmetrical position.
• It consists of a coiled spring positioned on the back or inside of the teeth and a metal bar visible across the teeth. The metal bar squeezes the teeth into its desired position.
• Treatment with Inman Aligner normally takes between six to sixteen weeks
• You have the option to remove the appliance for a few hours. However, it is highly recommended that you wear it at least 20 hours straight daily. The success of the treatment depends largely on how often you wear this appliance.
• Your Sunbury dentist will tell you that there will be difficulty of speech on the initial use of Inman Aligners.

Jaw Joint Treatment in Worcester Park Dental Clinic

If you are suffering from pain in the lower part of your face, in your neck or in your jaw or from frequent jaw clicking or jaw locking, you could be suffering from jaw joint problems. Your Worcester Park dentist can help you determine the real problem and help you eliminate your pain.

Your jaw joints, also called temporomandibular joints and frequently shortened to TMJs, are located on the left and right side of your face, near your ears. These two joints, together with your jaw muscles, enable you to open and close your mouth, speak, chew your food and make any movement with your mouth.

Your dentist can identify the cause of the pain by examining your teeth, face, jaw and mouth with x-rays. Among the common causes are:

• Abnormal bite
• Toothache
• Periodontal disease
• Sinus
• Facial muscle disorder
• Jaw joint problem
• Arthritis
• Injuries to the head, jaw or neck
• Teeth grinding at night
• Stress and fatigue

Depending on the cause of the pain, treatments could be one or combinations of the following:

• Dental remedies
• Exercises and activities that reduce stress
• Medication with muscle relaxants
• Use of a mouth guard to block teeth grinding
• Physiotherapy
• Use of heat pads
• Relaxation therapy

For people who have frequent headaches and who have not been helped by all sorts of pain treatments, it is helpful to consult a dentist. Their headache may just be because of treatable problems in the jaw joint.

If your pain is related to more serious problems, your  dentist will refer you to specialists, but if it is related to your bite and jaw joints, your dentist can work out a treatment plan that will help you have a better quality of life.

Understanding the Root Canal Treatment by Weybridge dentist

A root canal is a naturally occurring space within your tooth. It consists of the main canal and the pulp chamber which is within your tooth’s coronal part. It also has complex anatomical branches that connect one root canal to another.
The root canal space is composed of the dental pulp, a highly vascularized and loose connective tissue. It is the dental pulp that forms the tooth’s dentin portion. Endodontic or root canal treatment is the procedure used to remove the pulp from the root canals and pulp chamber to maintain the tooth.
How would you know if you need a  root canal treatment? Here are two main reasons why you may need a root canal treatment:
• Infection – a pulp infection may be caused by an untreated cavity. The decay destroys the tooth’s dentin and enamel until it reaches the root canal system. This will then allow the bacteria to infect the tooth’s pulp.
• Inflammation – the pulp can be damaged by trauma, extensive restorative work or fracture. Inflammation can also occur on the pulp due to common dental procedure.
Here are some signs and symptoms of a pulp infection that may require you to undergo a root canal treatment:
• A painful tooth every time you bite, push or touch it.
• Sensitivity to cold
• Sensitivity to heat
• Tooth discoloration
• Broken tooth
• Swelling of the tooth
Your Weybridge dentist would determine if you need a root canal treatment by placing cold or hot substances against your tooth, gently tap on your tooth and feel the surrounding tissues.

Tooth Imperfections? Invisalign in Weybridge is the Answer

Does your crooked tooth undermine your self-confidence?  Invisalign may be the answer to your dream of having straight, natural-looking teeth.
Invisalign or invisible aligners do not employ metal-wire braces traditionally used in orthodontics to correct crooked teeth or close gaps between teeth.
They are clear or transparent braces that gradually move your teeth into a straight, natural-looking position. Following are some advantages of Invisalign over metal-wire braces:
• Comfortable to use – metal-wire braces cause discomfort to users. They can be painful and irritating and may cause inflammation of soft tissue and gums. Initial wearing of Invisalign may cause a slight discomfort, but the feeling gradually diminishes as you continue to wear these invisible aligners.

• Good oral hygiene is easy to maintain – with metal-wire braces, food is trapped and cleaning your teeth with a brush or floss is difficult to do. Improper cleaning of teeth may lead to gum diseases, bad breath or tooth decay. Maintaining a proper oral hygiene is easy with Invisalign because you can remove the aligners when you eat or brush your teeth.

• Inconspicuous – Invisalign is only discernible to anyone up close. This means that no one will notice that you are under treatment because Invisalign aligners are transparent, thus it would not affect or disrupt your lifestyle.
Weybridge dentists may offer you Invisalign as a solution to majority of misalign teeth problems, such as underbites, crossbites, overbites, crowding and gaps.
For severe cases of orthodontic problems, Inivisalign may not be the correct dental appliance to use so it is advisable to consult your Weybridge dentist.

More Confidence about Your Looks from Dental Implants in Shepperton

If you have one or more missing teeth and you are not happy with dentures or bridgework, a dental implant process can be performed by your Shepperton dentist to replace your missing teeth.

Dental implants are artificial roots implanted into the jawbone to serve as anchors for replacement teeth.

Aside from eliminating your worries about dentures and bridgework, dental implants can do these things for you:

• Secure placement. Since the root of the new teeth is implanted, there is no risk of slipping or moving when chewing.
• No more grinding of healthy teeth, which is done when bridgework is performed.
• Preservation of jaw structure. Efficiently replaced teeth prevent your jaw bone from shrinking or your mouth from sagging.

The dental implant process typically involves procedures over a period of several months, depending on the location and number of the teeth to be replaced. These include:

• Examination. Your dentist will take x-rays and create initial models, and then discuss with you how the implant process will be undertaken.

• Dental implant procedure. A minor surgery will be done to implant the artificial root, typically made from titanium, under local anaesthesia or conscious sedation.

• Bonding period. This is a period of at least three months, the time needed for the root to integrate with the jaw bone.

• Teeth replacement. If the root has fully integrated, the replacement teeth, fabricated by a specialist, are attached to and bonded with the implanted root.

• Initial maintenance. Your dentist will teach you how to maintain the restoration and will advise you to visit for evaluation.

With these procedures, your dentist  ensures results that give you more confidence about your teeth and looks.

Tooth Restored Fast by Cerec Technology in Kingston upon Thames

In just one visit, your dentist in Kingston upon Thames can restore your teeth with a ceramic crown, veneer or inlay using Cerec technology.

The process is fast, efficient and precise because the technology uses computerized design and machining. Cerec is used to repair discoloured teeth, a chipped tooth or damaged tooth with a ceramic crown, veneer, inlay or filling.

How is the Cerec process done?
• First, your dentist will examine and prepare your damaged tooth for the Cerec process.
• Then a digital image of your tooth will be taken with a camera.
• Using computer-aided design, your dentist designs your crown or veneer.
• A milling machine will fabricate your crown using high-quality ceramics in just several minutes.
• Your crown will be polished or glazed in a dental furnace.
• The dentist will cement your crown or veneer into place using a chemical bond.

Cerec technology gives you the following benefits:

• Just one visit. At the end of your first visit, the process is done.
• Dentist-designed crown or veneer. Your dentist who has examined your teeth is also the one who will design and fabricate your crown.
• Resistant to cracks. Your teeth, crowns or veneers are made of ceramic blocks that can endure pressure.
• Matched colour. Your crown or new tooth matches your natural teeth.
• Tooth preservation. Much of the strongest part of your teeth is preserved through chemical bonding.

With Cerec technology, you do not need to suffer weeks of temporary fillings or crowns. With Cerec, your dentist in Kingston upon Thames can give you your most captivating smile in just one visit.