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Sunbury Sparkling Teeth – Thanks to Interdental Cleaning

Interdental cleaning actually refers to cleaning in between your teeth. Since plaque forms in these regions, it is important that you have it cleaned by experts like your Sunbury dentist.

Plaques form when bacteria convert the bits of food lodged in between your teeth to acid. The resulting build up can lead to tooth decay as well as gum disease. For these reasons, it is crucial that you are able to clean between your teeth using any of the following:

• Interdental brushes
• Dental floss
• Single-tuft tooth brushes
• Rubber tip stimulators
• Dental sticks

You can always rely on your Sunbury dentist for areas difficult to reach. Interdental cleaning is usually part of the routine procedure done when you visit your dentist.

Of course, your Sunbury dentist can only do as much. Half of the work needed to prevent tooth decay is done by you. If you are unsure of how to clean in between your teeth, your dentist might recommend the following steps particularly when using dental floss:

• Use dental floss of about 12-15 inches
• Wrap floss around middle fingers, holding it between the forefinger and thumb
• Leave at least 2 inches between the fingers, ensuring tautness
• Position floss between teeth and then rub it up and down, repeating the process for each tooth

If you are still unsure of what to do, your Sunbury dentist will be more than happy to show you. Also, you can inquire about the different tools and from the information provided, you can choose which will be more user-friendly for you.

Gummy Smile No More with Shepperton Dentist

You can improve your gummy smile with the expert cosmetic dentistry services provided by your Shepperton dentist.

Gummy smiles refer to having uneven gum levels or low gum lines. There are different ways to correct gummy smiles in Shepperton, usually depending on the case. Some of them include:

• Gum lift plus addition of porcelain veneers to close gaps
• Gum lift, porcelain veneers and aligners

If you are worried about the corrective procedure, your Shepperton dentist will ensure a painless gum lift via laser sculpting. The healing period is even quite short although it may take longer in some cases where extensive corrective procedure is required.

The corrective procedure itself is simple. Your Shepperton dentist will simply look at the way you smile — taking note of the gum lines and teeth alignment. In addition, the crown length is checked as well as the depth of the pocket. After, a gingivectomy plan will be created and drawn with a marker on the gum line. During the actual procedure, you will notice very minimal bleeding on the surgical site. If needed, veneer preparations will be done.

Your Shepperton dentist is equipped with the technology as well as the know how to correct any kind of gummy smiles. You can always consult one if you have questions pertaining to the gum lift or contour procedure. Your Shepperton dentist will be more than happy to answer your queries and assure you of the procedure’s safety.

In no time at all, you will be smiling perfectly and confidently.

Weybridge Dentists Utilize CAM/CAD Technology

Considering the advances in technology, it is not surprising that dental procedures such as restorations are utilizing the CAD/CAM technology.

Also known as Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing, the CAD/CAM technology is increasingly becoming popular for its preciseness and efficiency. You can experience the full benefits of this technology with your Weybridge dentist.

The perfect smile is just several visits away. Dental restorations in Weybridge have become virtually pain – free and affordable. There is no reason for you not to consider these procedures especially with the utilization of the CAD/CAM technology.

Dental restorations are necessary to save and restore damaged or decaying teeth, preventing them from being extracted. Among the popular dental restorations include:

• Veneers – for the filling of teeth gaps as well as straightening, whitening and re-shaping of teeth
Implant – replacement of missing or damaged teeth
• Dental bridges – filling of gaps
Crowns – restoration of chipped or decayed teeth
• Inlays and onlays – substitute for conventional fillings

With the use of CAD/CAM technology, your Weybridge dentist can easily assess what you need and allow dental laboratories to customize dental services according to your specific needs. For this reason, the number of times you have to go back to your Weybridge dentist is reduced. Not only is this efficient in terms of time but also cost as well. You can also expect your dental restorations to last longer especially if complemented by proper care.

The CAD/CAM technology is the latest in the dentistry field particularly in restorations and you will be delighted to know that your Weybridge dentist is up to date with such technology.

If you have any questions, you should not hesitate to ask regarding the CAD/CAM technology your Weybridge dentist.

Oral Cancer Screening in Surbiton

Oral cancer is a serious medical condition. But when detected early by your Surbiton dentist, the prognosis could be good. Among cancers, oral cancer is considered to be ideal in terms of early detection.

Symptoms of an oral cancer include the presence of a painless ulcer, abnormal growth or white/red patch in the mouth that does not clear up even after two weeks.

People at risk for oral cancer are those who:

• Use tobacco (smoking or chewing)
• Consume alcohol (30 or more drinks in a week)
• Expose themselves to too much sunlight
• Aged 40 years old and above
• Unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle
• Family history

Detection of oral cancer can be done by your Surbiton dentist early. A regular visit will involve the through examination of your mouth and throat as well as palpation of the neck to look for any swollen lymph nodes. Right now, visual inspections as well as cytology are the two most important methods in diagnosing oral cancer.

Early detection by your Surbiton dentist will increase the chance of responding to treatment. In the UK, 4,000 people are diagnosed with oral cancer each year and nearly half of them die because of late detection and treatment.

Of course, prevention is important and your Surbiton dentist will recommend the following:

– Healthy diet
– Regular exercise
– Avoid smoking and drinking

Over three quarters of mouth or oral cancer can actually be prevented with the removal of alcohol consumption and tobacco smoking. There is actually a 50 percent reduction of the risk 3 to 5 years after the smoking and drinking stopped.

East Molesey Dentists: Treatment and Prevention of Tooth Abscess

Being diagnosed with tooth abscess is a serious matter. It can actually be caused by either damage to the tooth or decay. Whatever the reason, consulting your East Molesey dentist is important for the treatment and prevention of tooth abscess.

When pus forms in the tooth, it usually causes pressure in the root, making it quite painful. You will experience a throbbing pain accompanied by swelling on the side of your face where the abscessed tooth is located. In extreme cases, you can experience spasms in your jaw muscles.

Basically, there are two types of tooth abscess:

• Periapical abscess – starts in the centre or dental pulp; considered to be very common
• Periodental abscess – starts in the structures supporting your tooth like the periodontium

If you are exhibiting such symptoms, it is vital that you visit your East Molesey dentist at once in order for the abscess to be drained. Usually, a root canal treatment will be done in order to save the tooth. But in cases when the abscess has damaged the root extensively, extraction of the tooth will be done to make sure that the abscess will not recur.

In case the tooth abscess burst before you are able to visit your East Molesey dentist, you should gargle with hot water containing salt. For the swelling, you can apply cold water compress. If needed, you can take painkillers.

Although there was draining of the abscess, it is still important that your have the tooth checked by your East Molesey dentist.

As always, prevention is the key. You can avoid tooth abscess by brushing your teeth and reducing the intake of foods high in sugar. Regular visit to your dentist will also mean thoroughly cleaning and check up of the entire mouth including gums and teeth.

People in Sunbury cautious about Bad Breath

Sunbury is one place where majority of people are aware of the concept of bad breath, its causes and cures. The problem of bad breath is also known as Halitosis. Let us also have a look at what is actually bad breath and why does it occur.
The major reason of bad breath is the bacteria that live under the tongue where they get the favorable conditions for their survival. Some of the other reasons are:
– Lack of proper dental hygiene: If the remains of food we eat are not cleaned properly, they begin to decay there and cause a foul smell in the mouth. It is very important to brush and floss regularly to avoid such decay of food particles in mouth.

– People in Sunbury get their teeth regularly checked for any kinds of dental diseases and thus are able to prevent any kind of bad breath that may arise due to such infections.

– Any other disease in the body can also cause Halitosis. Some of these diseases are diabetes, infections in the liver, lung or kidney.
We all try to avoid bad breath by eating mints, using mouthwashes and keeping a good dental hygiene but still it can occur and the doctor may also suggest a probable disease in accordance with the kind of smelling coming from the mouth. For example, urine like smell from the mouth can be an indication of kidney failure. It can be confirmed only by further tests but a bad smell can prove to be an early indication of the problem.
Some of the precautions that people in Sunbury take and we all can also keep in mind are:
– Keeping a proper and regular dental hygiene without being lazy at any time.
– Using a mouthwash that has been approved by the dental associations and is known to be good in keeping the mouth fresh.
– Getting regular check ups from the dentist is a must and must never be ignored or delayed. This habit should also be inculcated in children from as early as possible.
Bad Breath may not sound a major issue but can lead to a lot of embarrassment and can also prove to be injurious to health in long run. Therefore it is important to take proper measures to stay away from it.

The Importance of flossing your teeth by Weybridge dentist

It is a well known fact that flossing teeth after every meal or in conjunction with brushing your teeth is highly recommended by Weybridge Dentist. It’s important to understand why flossing your teeth are required in order to maintain healthy teeth and keep a lasting smile.
Weybridge Dentist urge you to commit to flossing your teeth regularly to help reduce cavities and other tooth decaying problems associated with left over food products stuck between your teeth. Most often your standard tooth brush does not clear away lingering food products from your teeth. Since the tooth brush is too large to fit between teeth, Weybridge Dentist includes flossing teeth as part of your oral hygiene routine.
According to the dentist flossing teeth can be done at various times of the day depending on how frequent you eat. Not only does it help to prevent tooth decay it also provides you with fresher breath. Since flossing teeth after each meal removes food products stuck between your teeth, The Dentist reports that these left over food products after a period of time left in the mouth can contribute to halitosis or “bad breath”; therefore flossing teeth is a great way to keep fresh breath through out the day.
Your Weybridge dentist can provide you with the best brands of tooth flossing products. It is not only important to find the right flossing product for your teeth as it is equally important to commit to flossing your teeth regularly. Depending on your toothpaste brand teeth flossing products may be available in your favorite brand name or flavor. If you like different flavors of flossing products you can find them at your local chemist.
Start today on the road to maintaining healthy teeth and fresh breath by following Weybridge dentist recommendations of flossing teeth regularly. Find a brand of floss that fits your taste and needs and begin using it after each meal and when you brush your teeth. This will help you maintain a healthy smile and fresh tasting breath.

Surbiton dentist offers Porcelain Crowns for Damaged Tooth

One of the ways to repair or rebuild damaged tooth is by porcelain crowns. In addition covering what was left of the tooth, crowns can also work to protect it from further damage.

Crowns, which are also referred to as caps, can give back the natural shape as well as contour to the damaged tooth. They can be made from three materials, namely:

• Precious metal such as Gold and Palladium
• Porcelain bonded to a metal
• Porcelain and a composite resin
• Glass
• Pure or All-Porcelain

In Surbiton, porcelain crowns are increasingly becoming popular because of their resemblance to natural teeth. For this reason, they are often used for restorations involving the front teeth.

Basically, the entire procedure will take at least two visits:

The first visit will involve the preparation of the damaged tooth and taking of impressions. The impressions are then sent to a laboratory where the porcelain crowns are fabricated by expert ceramists ensuring perfect restoration. At this time, a temporary crown will be fitted until the porcelain crown is ready.

On the second visit, your Surbiton dentist will finally fit the porcelain crown. For the first few days, you will be conscious of the porcelain crown but in no time at all, you will barely notice its presence. Your Surbiton dentist will make sure that the crown is fitted perfectly and if needed, make necessary adjustments.

With porcelain crowns that look natural and indistinguishable from the other teeth, you can enjoy peace of mind.

For more information regarding porcelain crown, Surbiton dentists will be more than happy to provide assistance.

Inman Aligners at Kingston Upon Thames dental clinic

Inman aligners are special dental appliances that help your teeth in straightening and moving them by aligning them properly, especially when the problem lies with the front teeth. These aligners are preferred by most due to their pluses over fixed metal braces. Metal braces on the first make you look ugly and also take very long to treat the problem. The results of the Inman aligners are faster and these need not be changed frequently as compared to invisible braces. They help in moving your improperly aligned teeth to its correct alignment.
The reason that Inman aligners are preferred over Invisalign because the later is made of a special type of plastic that exerts nominal pressure whereas Inman aligners consist fine springs of Nickel Titanium which makes the procedure faster by creating higher tension on the teeth forcing them to get aligned faster. All your queries and requirements can be answered at Kingston Upon Thames where all your dental requirements are taken care of by specialists. Here the doctors will prescribe you a course of treatment depending upon your specific needs.
The appliance is quite gentle on your teeth and causes no pain during the treatment. In some cases one may feel a little awkward in his/her speech but after a few days he/she becomes accustomed to it. Its special lingual coil springs are designed to exert the required pressure on the teeth that need realignment and its labial bars relieves this pressure from time to time. This constant pushing and pulling brings your teeth closer aligning them in their correct positions. Initially you feel uncomfortable but get over this discomfort as you get used to it. It is advisable that you wear these aligners at least 15-18 hours a day to get the best result in lesser time.

Special Invisalign treatment by Shepperton Dentists

If you are embarrassed every time you want to smile, Shepperton dentists have the correct solution for you. Having crooked teeth is not a problem any more with the amazing progress in orthodontics. Forget the metal braces which are even more embarrassing and are extremely uncomfortable. Invisalign technique used by the dentists allows you to be completely normal and comfortable. The reason is that Invisalign is nearly invisible. No one will be able to tell that you are going through a teeth-aligning treatment.

Your first visit to the Shepperton dental clinic will be purely for consultation where you will be advised and informed about your dental needs by your dentist. If you go ahead with the treatment then x-ray and bite impression of your teeth will be taken. These impressions are fed into the computer to transform them into 3D images by advanced technology in Invisalign centre.

Guided by the images of the bite impression the computer will be able to plan the movement of your teeth. Based on this, series of clear aligners are custom made just for your teeth. The next time you visit your Shepperton dentist you will be given your first set of aligners. You are needed to wear each set for two weeks continuously and get onto the next in the series as your teeth realign themselves to the new position You are required to visit your orthodontist every 6 weeks. The whole treatment will take about 10 to 15 months depending on the position of your teeth.

The best part of the treatment is that you can view the treatment plan of your teeth and finally how they are going to look once the treatment is over. Another advantage is that you can remove your aligners while eating, drinking or brushing your teeth. The non-metallic plastic aligners are definitely more comfortable than the traditional braces.

With Invisalign treatment you will be able to gain a beautiful smile that you have always wanted– a smile that gives you confidence and makes you happy.